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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Ratcheting up the rhetoric

Iraq is not just like Vietnam -- now it's worse than Vietnam. At least according to John Gray in The Independent. We can soon expect to see claims that George W. Bush is worse than Hitler.

Posted by Paul Tuns on May 19, 2004 in International Affairs | Permalink


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I found the strangest damn article last night. Actually my husband did - and I blew a gasket when I read it.


The author is Sidney Blumenthal - otherwise known from his days as a Clinton shill and spinmaster "Sid Vicious".

In the article Sid talks about how General Boykin who was sent to Camp X-Ray to speak to General Miller about Gitmoizing the Abu-Gharib prison - was the same general who advised the use of Cynaide Gas on the Branch Davidians in Waco Texas.

The disgusting irony is two-fold. It was the Clintons and Reno who gave the orders to fire-bomb and murder innocent Americans in Waco. That Blumenthal would have the temerity to try and use Boykins involvement in Waco to smear Bush and Rumsfeld is hysterical.

Call me a stickler for consistency - but in my view and many Americans of the Free Republic and the good old days of the origins of the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" - Anybody who was involved in the Mass Murder at Waco should have gone to prison for that massacre.... Like Clinton, Reno and the Military officials involved (in violation of Posee Comitatus)

Further to that - I am absolutley disgusted that Bush would HAVE somebody like Boykin involved in his administration. This is somebody who advised the White House to use cynaide gas on women and children in the Branch Davidian Compound. And Blumenthal would know... he was part of the administration that did THIS

(do not visit this link if you have a weak stomach)

From Mass-Murdering of Innocent Americans - Torturing Iraqi Prisoners is not that far a jump to make. I wonder if America will EVER truly recover from 8 years of the depravity of Bill Clinton.

I've already emailed Sid Vicious to ask him about why he's so upset about Abu-Gharib - and why he's suddenly discovered a dislike of the tactics of Boykin - when he worked for people who were 10xs as terrible as Bush, on any of their few good days. I doubt I will get a response.

Posted by: Meaghan Walker-Williams | 2004-05-20 4:39:57 AM

I never 'got' the Waco thing. David Koresh was profiled in a cover story in The Door something like 20 years before Waco, and was a known loony even then. So if known loony Koresh really did (as I've heard) wander into downtown Waco all the time, buying supplies, why didn't the FBI, oh I dunno, arrest him downtown??

Posted by: Kathy Shaidle | 2004-05-20 7:16:11 AM

And another thing: if Iraq is the next Vietnam, we could argue back that that's a GOOD thing, as the US never lost a battle in Vietnam. What they lost was the will to fight, thanks to many factors (weird rules of engagement, unprecidented media images of death and destruction) and of course, the loud whiny lying Left.

Posted by: Kathy Shaidle | 2004-05-20 7:18:36 AM

"Why didn't the FBI, oh I dunno, arrest him downtown?"

Ya know... I spent 5 years on the usenet group alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater. And the "Clinton Administration Scandals" mailing list... And after all that time of watching and participating in the deconstruction and analysis of Ruby Ridge, Waco, Vince Foster, OKC, Whitewater, Travel-Gate, Filegate, Chinagate, Lippo and Lewinsky etc...- I don't know if I can point to a single reason as to why Waco happened. It had a lot to do with the political climate in America at the time. It had to do with the most wack-job Attorney General in US History, Janet Reno (or as we came to call her Ol' Shakey Yezhov-Reno) and her political leanings.

The problem with all things related to Clinton is how tightly woven together all the scandals were. You start picking apart one part of one scandal and you find yourself in the middle of a quagmire of corruption and cover-up of epic proportion everywhere else.

For instance - did you know that the ONLY people on the government's side to have died in Waco - were two former Secret Service agents - who had been transferred a few weeks previously from their posts personally guarding Hillary and Bill Clinton in the Whitehouse. Maybe that's not too weird. But the fact that they died from friendly-fire - gunshot wounds to the head -is rather chilling, doncha think?

There is nothing that I have seen Bush do - thus far that even comes close to the worst of the Maximum Bill and Field Marshall Rodham. The Clintigulas of American Realpolitik for 8 years -
The Ozark long-march was an astounding thing to behold. I almost feel like saying "Ya had to be there" -- but that's simply to trite and doesn't convey the desperation I and many people from that era feel about trying to sum it up today.

The bluntest possible explanation I can give - after all is said and done on the question of "Why Waco?" is this...

The Federal Government on the Democratic side had a huge investment in "making an example" of "getting tough" on gun-rights advocates, and gun-owners. The Waco massacre was a test of how far the Federal Government could go in attempting to disarm it's citizens in contravention of the 2nd Ammendment and produce a chill amongst those who would dare to defy it on that basis.

Another side-line to consider is -- In a time (a few weeks shortly before Waco) - there was a Congressional Budget Hearing, and the BATFs Budget was up for review within a couple of days. Congress was debating slashing the BATF's budget and the BATF was worried that the "para-military swat-teams" would not survive the budget-cuts.

The BATF went out of their way to invite the press to Waco, prior to the stand-off. They wanted to put on a good-show in a timely fashion for the Congressional debate. Unfortunatley - the Branch Davidians didn't follow the script. The stand-off went on for weeks. All the while, the media was eating it up. It went on so long that Americans began showing up in Waco to witness or assist the Branch Davidians. The BATF far from looking like competent good-guys, deserving a hearty infusion of tax-dollars in their budget, began to look inept and incapable of dealing with the mess.

Now it wasn't just Gun-Rights nuts that were out in full-force supporting the Branch Davidians, but also First Ammendment advocates for protection of Religious Freedoms were surfacing and raising a hue and a cry. More and More Waco was begining to look like an out-and-out assault on Constitutional rights of Americans. People across the US were wiped up into a frenzy about it. The BATF tried to justify what was going on by making claims that there was sexual abuse going on to justify their stance. Then the DEA got in on the action claiming that Koresh had a Meth-lab in the compound. The problem with these claims is - if the Davidians had just surrendered, it wouldnt look very good if they found no evidence of such claims. And in my view - that's why the Compound ended up being fire-bombed.

Strange how the solution of Reno and the Clintons to "saving" the poor children who were alledgedly being "sexually abused" was to murder them - outright by the use of flamable Cyanide gas.
Yeah... that makes sense.

Posted by: Meaghan Walker-Williams | 2004-05-20 2:58:53 PM

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