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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Moore lied, so forth and blah blah

OK. Maybe you think two guys went bowling when they didn't.

Then you spend millions of bucks and countless manhours making a whole movie about it.
I don't get that, but hey: I didn't get Pulp Fiction either.

Someone asks if the three guys beside you are your bodyguards. You call the guy "a racist."
Hmmm. Guess you've had a bad day or something. Have a scotch and relax, mkay?

But then you make up completely imaginary telephone conversations with real live people, and put 'em in a book that's number one in the Non-Fiction lists. And you just don't seem to care that you might get caught, that they might dare to complain.

You're also obsessed with intricate conspiracies. You make up stuff about your past, and compulsively blame your troubles on everyone else. Your employees abandon you in droves, sometimes in tears.

Then I'm beginning to think you've moved from mere mendacity to mental illness.

How long before Michael Moore is hospitalized for "exhaustion"? Anyone want to run the pool?

[Thanks to Tonecluster for the heads up...]

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