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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Maybe Martin can get him into a Medisys clinic

Spare a thought for poor Goran Persson, the Swedish PM. He needs a hip replacement and is in pain but the socialist health system in Sweden is plagued with waiting lists. He hopes to get it done by Christmas. More here:

Swedes are likely to applaud their leader, whose party pledges "people before markets" in its campaign poster for next month's European Parliament elections.

"Right now I'm in quite a lot of pain, but that's not the fault of the health system," Persson told reporters reluctantly after initially saying his health was a private matter.

Somehow I just don't quite get how making the elderly suffer in agony for months on end amounts to compassion or putting "people before markets". I'm sure Paul Martin's Medisys clinic could get him fixed up in no time, which strikes me as a far more compassionate way to treat an elderly gentleman in pain.

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