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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Math 101 and the CBC

The CBC has discovered the hot-button issue of this election. See they took a poll of Canadians and asked them what their top concern is for the upcoming Martin coronation.

What did Canadians reply?

Health Care!!!!!

And the CBC has been leading off every story about the election ever since with a focus on……

Health Care!!!!!

On at least 3 occasions while surfing by the state owned media ether in my car or on the TV I have heard them invoking the “Health Care is the number one concern of Canadians this election” mantra while leading into a story about Paul Martin giving money to health care or bad old Steven Harper and his tax cutting "American Style" madness.

Two nights ago on CBC they unveiled their numbers from the survey they did to come up with HEALTH CARE!!!! as the number one issue.

So how many Canadians do you think named HEALTH CARE!!! as their number one issue?

80%? Nope

70%? Nope

50% Go lower…

The actual number is 35%!!

Can you believe it? The majority of Canadians are not concerned about health care. A full 65% of us are more concerned about something else.

In fact if I were to have conducted this survey my conclusion would have been:

“Surprisingly only 35% of Canadians named health care as their number one concern. The overwhelming majority of Canadians named other issues as coming before health care in the upcoming election.”

So why do you suppose the CBC is beating the HEALTH CARE!!! drum so incessantly.

It couldn’t be that they want to create a single issue campaign allowing Martin and the Liberals to scare Canadians with the “cutting taxes means less money for health care” garbage that they used last election could it?

I mean surely the national broadcaster is an objective institution with no bias in either direction right?

I mean they take their budget out of the checks of all Canadians so they speak for all of us, even the overwhelming majority who don’t care about health care.


The Meatriarchy

Posted by Justin Bogdanowicz on May 26, 2004 in Canadian Politics | Permalink


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Then the solution is simple.

Make a huge public spectacle of destroying the CBC.

Do it on the same day as being sworn in.

Bring in the Army to flush out the CBC buildings in Toronto and Ottawa at bayonet point. Imagine the "employees" (more like greedy pigs) being marched out with their hands behind their heads, while being belittled by the troops.

While they're screaming bloody murder, start implementing the necessary changes - like tax reductions, spending cuts, etc.

It's the perfect diversion. Use it.

Posted by: Scott M. | 2004-05-26 7:52:10 AM

Ahhh, the CBC - the State media organ whose leftist performance is so deplorably predicatable and boring that almost no Canadians bother to watch or listen to it (but hey, doesn't al gore like it - surely made easier because he's not stuck paying for it like the taxpayers of Canada). BUt that doesn't make it anly less harmful.

Gotta love the coverage of the election so far - take my recall on last night's National coverage- 9 minutes of largely fawning coverage of Martin's spouting off the same old crap about healthcare (recycled from the 1993, 1996, 2000 "campaigns"), getting free advertising etc, about 4 minutes on the topic for Jack "can I bum a lift to Parliament" Layton, and about 45 seconds for Harper, devoted entirely to trying to resurrect the dead "controversy" over his past remarks (taken out of context, for sure) on the social cost of Federal transfer payment dependency on the East coast, omitting entirely Harper's substantive statements on healthcare...

HMMM - should I conclude the CBC not only uniquely promotes the left world-view but is also engaged in coverage designed to favor left-wing political parties during elections?

Why, it must be because only those dangerous right wing types look at the CBC's outrageous waste of taxpayer funds on uniquely left wing propaganda for a near zero share of the viewing or listening audience as grounds to (cue scary music) LINK funding to listening-market share, or better yet , PRIVATIZE the CBC!

Relax, over-paid, pompous CBC types, should the latter happen you can always use your well-honed propagandazing skills at the Cuban, Syrian, Iranian or North Korean state broadcasters... (don't worry, you'll fit right in...).

Demand Better.

Posted by: anon | 2004-05-26 2:17:47 PM

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