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Friday, May 28, 2004

Liberals sinking

From today's edition of Norman's Spectator

Most papers are snoozing, or preparing their Saturday editions. The Toronto Star’s Ottawa bureau chief, SUSAN DELACOURT, beats up on the competition and delivers today's top story:

Martin headed for minority government, Star's poll numbers show

Gap closing in Ontario as Liberal support falls

Canadians witnessing `remarkable turn of affairs:' Pollster

“The federal Liberals are headed toward minority government, according to a Toronto Star poll released today.

Prime Minister Paul Martin's party is slumping in support in the first week of the federal election campaign, according to the poll, conducted by EKOS Research Associates.

The Liberals have 38 per cent support among decided voters — a three percentage point drop since last month — while the Conservatives and New Democrats are climbing, especially in Ontario.

The poll conducted for the Star and La Presse, shows Liberal support bleeding to the Conservatives, at 30.4 per cent, and the NDP, at 18 per cent. The Bloc Quebecois is at 10.7 per cent and support for other parties is at 2.8 per cent. The Tory and NDP numbers nationally represent two percentage point climbs for each of them since April.

"A minority Liberal government would seem to be an optimistic conclusion for (Prime Minister) Paul Martin," says EKOS president Frank Graves, who believes Canadians are witnessing a "remarkable turn of affairs."

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