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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Let's have another go at it, then

If you hired a firm to run your business, went off on a trip around the world and returned to find they had run it into the ground through general incompetence, short-sightedness and extremely poor prioritizing, would you take them up on an offer to fix the whole mess for a further exorbitant fee, payable solely out of your own pocket? There would be a new management team, of course, but the firm’s new chairman of the board would be the same guy who ran the day to day operation the first time around.

No? Then, why in God’s name would you trust the Liberals to fix health care?

[Occam’s Carbuncle]

Posted by Alan Rockwell on May 25, 2004 | Permalink


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Because... Many Canadians are...

Naive? Gullible?



Posted by: JSingh | 2004-05-25 3:58:07 PM

Let's examine the Liberals achievements in areas of Federal constitutional responsibility: defence, Aboriginal matters, immigration, fisheries...oh wait. They've made messes of all of them. However, they, rather than the provinces know better how to run health care. Hmmm.

Posted by: Owen | 2004-05-26 7:31:37 AM

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