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Monday, May 31, 2004

Lefties becoming desperate

From today's edition of Norman's Spectator
(with articles hotlinked):

Our top international story yesterday—the bloody denouement of the siege in Saudi Arabia —leads the major US papers today, Memorial Day.

At home, Olivia Chow and Dennis Mills got into a screaming match immortalized on the front page of the Toronto Star. According to the man known in Vancouver-Kingsway as Jack Chow, this proves the Liberals are desperate. He may be right: Health minister Pierre Pettigrew told the crowd of 50 he drew to the opening of his headquarters that the Liberal campaign had gotten off to a great start.

Thank God both Paul Martin and Stephen Harper took Sunday off: it should spare us further attacks on the Conservative leader for his religious beliefs, such as the bigotry penned yesterday by the Toronto Star’s David Olive. (I quote: “So it falls to the press, if they can tear themselves away from certain distractions, to ask Harper exactly what he meant last year when he wrote: “While retaining a focus on economic issues, we must give greater place to social values and social conservatism, broadly defined and properly understood.” What is the evangelical Christian Tory leader saying here?”)

After a light campaign day, the Tories, taking a leaf out of the Liberal spin book, have leaked details of today’s expected announcement on military spending, and all the papers lap it up. The Globe and Mail’s front-page version is a strange jumble, as is the election analysis by Drew Fagan. (Question: Did the Globe’s news editors miss the long weekend by seven days?) Susan Delacourt , on the other hand, comes through for the Star on page one with flying colours.

The National Post, whose John Ivison is not up to her standard but is a tad better than Fagan, still hasn’t decided whether it will endorse Martin or Harper: the conflicted paper fronts the military story but buries within it what the Ottawa Citizen’s editors understand is today’s


Grits, Tories in dead heat, poll shows: Former cabinet minister wants purge of Martin's campaign team

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