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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Laugh? Cry? Just Whimper? I Can't Decide

The headline made me shake my head; after months of having the NDP to kick around for hauling out Ed Broadbent's carcass, it appears that the Conservatives, in an effort to offer some Bold! New! Ideas! on governing, might be drafting... oh, just read it: Ex-Mulroney minister Crosbie ponders comeback. Cripes.

Then I read the piece and realized, hey, look, media bias! How unique! Herewith, the Canadian Press weighs in, disguised in the words of an unnamed source:

"As a Red Tory [Crosbie] would help the former Canadian Alliance leader [i.e., Stephen Harper] shed his public image as a right-wing ideologue."

I wonder if an editor's pen struck out "zealot" before deciding on "ideologue"?

"And as a longtime minister under Brian Mulroney, he would help raise the party's profile in Newfoundland, where the Conservatives held just three of seven federal seats going into the campaign."

Let me see if I'm understanding this... the Conservatives currently hold... one, carry the two... 43% of the seats in the province, the provincial government is Tory... but they need to "raise their profile"? I don't think the Conservatives will win a majority in this upcoming election, but damn I'd like to see them do it just to watch the jaws drop on so many Canadian journalists.

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