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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

"Just the facts?" Try...just *these* facts

In a Canadian Press story that will likely start to hit newspapers on Thursday morning, there's several funny things. Funny as in pecuiliar, not funny as in amusing.

It begins:

Cuts to U.S. tax levels would be expensive, likely mean social cuts: experts


OTTAWA (CP) - Ottawa could take the Conservatives' advice and cut taxes to levels paid in the United States, but Canadians might not like the final bill, experts say...."

Fair enough, but...

a) There are only *two* experts in the story, one from the Bank of Montreal and the other from the Canadian Tax Foundation

b) No one from the Tories is quoted in defense of the policy that is being critiqued. Why not? Because it isn't necessarily Tory policy! As Mr. Harper took pains to point out on Sunday, cutting Canadian taxes to US levels is not something that the Tories want to do in their first term of office. A long term goal, if that.

c) Why doesn't CP quote an economist from the right regarding the feasibility of the idea?

d) Oddest of all. This CP story, which quotes the opinions of these economists, has been given an internal code for classification by CP.

This opinion filled story's CP code is at the top of the linked page. It is:

FedElxn-Just-The-Facts, 1stWritethru

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