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Monday, May 31, 2004

If the Election were based purely on ads....

Jack Layton might just win.

I saw three ads from the three parties during the hockey game on Saturday night.

I hated two and liked one.

The Conservative ad ("demand better") featured Steven Harper talking to the camera about the Liberal Government and asking us to demand better. It isn't a bad ad but it has a very flat feel to it. I guess because there is no music and Harper is standing, well leaning against a desk and he looks kind of stiff. It isn't a crappy ad but it isn't a great one either.

The Liberal ad (second one on their ad page) features Paul Martin at what appears to be a cottage near a Canadian lake (where a lot of Canadians will be during the election campaign). He is fretting about health care and how badly we need to reelect him so that he can do something about it.

Oddly the tranquil mood of the surroundings takes from his message. You almost expect him to say "Wow health care is in trouble" and then start leisurely skipping stones accross the lake.

The end of the commercial features a close up of Martin but he doesn't look Prime Ministerial at all. He looks frightened. This is a lousy ad.

The NDP ad (called Ideas) suprisingly looks the most expensive. I guess all those leftists in the media are giving them cut-rate deals. Whatever the reason it is a slickly produced 30 second spot that touches all of the key NDP points (well they are all non-sequitors) in a pithy and effective manner. Jack doesn't talk to the camera (except for the first and last part of the ad which anchors the message) but does the voice-over as the camera cuts to different shots of him talking to Canadians. He looks comfortable and telegenic unlike his competition. His themes are reinforced with text on the screen at various points in the ad. At no time is the ad loud, blaring or alarmist (a possible first for any socialist advertising). I was fairly impressed.

But I ain't voting for him.

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