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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Holding the CBC to the same standard as AOL Time Warner

CBC Watch links to this Windsor Star editorial calling for the CBC to advertise its potential conflicts of interest in its political coverage because obviously the national broadcaster has a "vested interest in who governs the country" -- the head of the CBC is appointed by the prime minister and it is funded by the government. The Star notes that "It is standard practice in the news business to alert an audience to a potential conflict involving ownership, and the CBC should be doing the same thing." The editorial concludes: "As long as the state broadcaster and government are allowed to enjoy a relationship that can be mutually beneficial, the CBC should issue a clear disclaimer any time it carries a news report that involves politics and its owner, the federal government."

Even a friend of the CBC should want such transparency but I doubt the Friends of the CBC would support this idea. I could be wrong, but I doubt we'll be hearing from Ian Morrison et al anytime soon on this matter. Except, that is, to criticize it. Oh, no, they won't criticize it -- that would assume that ideological pro-CBC viewers/listeners ever look at or listen to anything other than their media axis of CBC Radio/ CBC TV, the Toronto Star and Macleans.

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There is an even better way to prevent conflicts of interest around the CBC: disband it.

No CBC = No Conflict. Simple as that.

It would also save a billion a year.

I wonder if we should form a group called "The Enemies of the CBC".

Posted by: Scott M. | 2004-05-19 7:26:40 PM

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