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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Hell Freezing Over Alert

Sometimes my head feels like it might explode. Could someone at the Toronto Star actually agree with me?

Consider this:

On Tuesday I wrote the following:

...."Why is it that the Liberal platform seems to be based on this zero sum solution?

Namely out of all the things we spend money on if we have to reduce our budget via tax cuts the first thing to be cut will be health care spending.

Let’s review:

Current surplus 5 billion dollars.
Money wasted on Gun Registry 2 billion dollars.
Money pissed away at HRDC 1 billion dollars.
CBC money pit 1 billion (per year)
Sponsorship scandal ¼ billion.

Total squandered plus surplus = 9.25 billion dollars.

This was money that could easily been thrown at health care but the Liberals chose not to.

Also this doesn’t include the monies that we don’t know about. I am sure there are other scandals lurking in the background somewhere.

So if Steven Harper wants to cut taxes he certainly can do it without affecting health care.
If the government has a budget that can allow it to throw around roughly 10 billion dollars without touching health care surely Steven can give some of that back to us."

Yesterday Carol Goar in a column entitled Harper is no mere Harris clone wrote the following:

Ottawa has been running a surplus for seven years. There is enough manoeuvring room in the federal budget to cut spending without starving health care or social services, provided Harper were prepared to gut other programs. His tax cuts would not represent a sudden or seismic policy shift. Paul Martin reduced taxes by an unprecedented $100 billion four years ago.

It is disingenuous of Martin to claim Canada can't afford Harper's tax cuts, when his own tax relief package is still being implemented


Now could someone in the media please challenge Mr. Martin directly on this?

The Meatriarchy

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From the Star, no less! You know the Liberals are on the skids when...

Posted by: alan | 2004-05-27 6:39:33 AM

I used to think the Star was printed somewhere in the basement of liberal party headquarters, but now I'm starting to think that that great leader / campaigner Martin has managed to BEGIN to alienate even his fellow travellers at the Star... if only he could work the same magic with his pliant stooges at the Supreme Court...

Of course, the Star still appears to me a wretched biased rag, its just that now, its potentially becoming (incrementally) less so, with a modicum of balance being injected into a very few of its articles (most of them paper's straight news is still chock full'o UNIQUELY Liberal opinion and talking points, though). Oh well, its at least a start (I speculate that it probably has more to do with Honderich's "retirement" and his replacement's efforts to improve the circulation of the rag, in light of the fact that the Globe also appears to issue from the swamp behind liberal HQ, not really any contrition for what appear to me to be breaches of journalistic ethics- if there is such a thing...).

And the paper is still full of silly, unhinged anti american bias...

One can only hope...

Posted by: Banana Republic | 2004-05-27 7:25:59 AM

Excellent, that was really well explained and helpful


Posted by: Thomas | 2004-06-12 12:46:39 AM

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