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Monday, May 10, 2004


Chuck Guité and Jean Brault, President of Grouaction, have been arrested on fraud charges related to $2 million worth of communications contracts for the firearms registry. Two grassy knoll-ish thoughts cross my mind. First, it's interesting how the Liberal scandals seem to be coming together. You half expect it to come out in discovery that Guité and Brault planned their fraud over a round of golf on Jean Chrétien's Shawinigan golf course followed by drinks at the Auberge Grand-Mère. Second, and more seriously, it's interesting how the RCMP investigation seemed to proceed at exactly the speed necessary for Liberal election timing. This allows the government to quietly bury the Public Accounts Committee inquiry, say that arrests have been made and action is being taken, and refuse to answer further questions for fear of interfering in a police investigation.

If one had confidence that the RCMP were an entirely impartial, non-political police force, these kinds of unworthy thoughts would not cross our mind. But given the fact that Giuliano Zaccardelli has shown himself to be a political initimate of the current government, and that the RCMP itself has been implicated in Adscam, you can't help but wonder whether the RCMP and the government colluded on timing (or if the RCMP just decided to speed things up as a pre-election gift for Martin). Remember that Liberal Quebec lieutenant asked for arrests to be made in advance of the election only a few weeks ago.

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It's an intereresting observation you make, and unfortunately probably true. And after the election, the two designated scapegoats will probably have the charges dropped against them for lack of evidence.

The most interesting thing about these scandals is that no one connected to them have anything bad to say about Chretien. No one. PM Paul once again said this weekend that he was sure Jean had nothing to do with it. Why this fear of someone who's out of power? I figure he's got some pretty juicy info on just about everyone, and will destroy anyone who points a shakey finger in his direction.

The only way for Canadians to every find out what happened over the last 10 years is to get the Liberals out of power. But maybe Canadians don't want to know.

Posted by: Bruce Gottfred | 2004-05-10 12:04:47 PM

So the charges relate to the firearms registry boondoggle - was that part of the misconduct identified in the Auditor General's report on the "Sponsorship" scandal or is this another dark alley in Ottawa that's finally getting a modicum of light? Who wants to bet the shifty looking guy in the raincoat at the end of the alley is "da liddle guy" ?

After all, propagandizing for the shameful long gun registry is not within the bailywick of "saving canada from those separatists" is it ? - how deep does the rot go - into every bloated federal spending program (shouldn't they be called "support programs for liberal hacks and sycophants")?

Is Paul "I didn't see nuthin, no how, though i did budget accordingly" Martin waiting to drop the writ to see how the liberals fare in the polls after this latest revellation ?

I agree with Bruce - the ONLY way the public will learn of the true extent of liberal corruption is to change governments (with a majority - we don't need some Lib -NDP minority government silence regime) BUT i add the appointment of a special prosecutor with full powers of subpoena and an independent budget, answerable only to Parliament (no weak-kneed commttees thank you or the hyper-politicized courts)...

As for me, I'm emigrating...

Posted by: Banana Repbulic Dweller | 2004-05-10 12:51:07 PM

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