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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Fritz's dubious past

[originally posted to Daimnation!]

Sen. Hollings has a long history of making statements which are...provocative, to say the least:

The South Carolina Democrat is no stranger to race-based controversy. According to South Carolina's "The State," Hollings has been known to make a number of insensitive racial remarks over the years, once referring to a Jewish colleague as the "senator from B'nai B'rith."

In 1983 Hollings accused U.S. Sen. Alan Cranston of California, of importing "wetbacks" into Iowa.

And on African leaders, Hollings said, "Everybody likes to go to Geneva. I used to do it for the Law of the Sea conferences, and you'd find these potentates from down in Africa. Rather than eating each other, they'd just come up and get a good square meal in Geneva."

When Trent Lott made his asinine comments about how great things would have been if Strom Thurmond had become President, the media gave him the sound thrashing he deserved. That Hollings's remarks are being largely ignored has nothing to do with his political affiliation, I'm sure.

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