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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Finding socialist health care unresponsive?

How to fix a centrally planned health care system?

Da, a Five Year Plan. One would think Martin would want to avoid associating failed socialist systems with Five Year Plans, but apparently not:

The waiting time strategy also has a “Five in Five” plan to reduce times in five key areas where pressures are greatest – cancer, heart, diagnostic imaging, joint replacements, and sight restoration – and set targets for reduced waiting times by the end of 2005 and meet those targets by the end of 2009.
One little problem though. Delivery of all of these things are in provincial jurisdiction. Five Year Plan really means throw money and hope for the best.

Posted by Kevin Jaeger on May 25, 2004 in Canadian Conservative Politics | Permalink


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I think we are entering a time where there is a need for a new innovative way to deliver traditionally centralized government programs. Rather than have everything funnel upwards then come back down to the provincial and community level there needs to be more decision making ability at a lower level. With the technology available this is quite possible while maintaining if not decreaseing the cost of delivering the programs.

Posted by: Joshua | 2004-05-25 1:51:52 PM

The poor Liberals want to somehow set the health care priorities in the provinces so that they can claim credit for the dollars spent.

What is amazing is that somehow the Liberals seem to think it is important for the great unwashed to realize that it is the federal rather than provincial government which is funding a particular scheme.

This election might be a good place to point out that ultimately there really is only one pocket from which the tax money is extracted.

Posted by: Jay Currie | 2004-05-25 7:03:52 PM

To quote Melvyn Douglas speaking to Greta Garbo in "Ninotchka" (1939)

"I've been fascinated by your five-year plan for the last fifteen years."

Ernst Lubitsch, you're a genius!

Posted by: Scott M. | 2004-05-26 8:12:01 AM

Careful Comrade Kevin! Questioning Supreme Commander's Health Care Policy may get you thrown in a Nunavut Gulag.

Posted by: Jay Jardine | 2004-05-26 2:54:29 PM

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