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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Can we apply the gag law to this?

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd's collected writing about President George W. Bush -- Bushworld: Enter at Your Own Risk -- will be published in August. Here's the interesting thing about if this had happened in Canada. Let's say a publisher released a collection of David Frum or Lorne Gunter columns during the federal election campaign -- would they have a disproportionate influence on the election? But that would be permissible under the Canada Elections Act restrictions on third-party campaign activities it should not be permissiblem because the privileged (those articulate, bright and lukcy enough to write about current events) have an opportunity that many do not to influence the political process.

Relatedly, my book Jean Chretien: A Legacy of Scandal will be released in June. Seriously. More details coming soon.

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-> Gag Law actually takes away freedoms and rights.So much for the Fed-Liberal fake Charter.Public organizations can't run ads much with this unfair cap.If theirs to be a cap at least make it reasonable.The Judges of the Supreme Court are Fed-Liberal appoinments.Whatever the Federal-Liberal government wants the packed Liberal Senate and Liberal appointed Supreme Court Judges rubber stamp into law.

Posted by: Larry | 2004-05-22 3:50:17 AM

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