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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Apparent progress in Falluja

Here’s an interesting article about the current situation in Falluja. I was pretty skeptical about bringing a Ba’athist General back into the picture, but it looks like it may be working out okay. Here’s Latif addressing a group of sheiks and prominent people in Falluja

"As President Bush said, they did not come here to occupy our land but to get rid of Saddam. We can help them leave by helping them do their job, or we can make them stay ten years and more by keeping fighting."
Lt. Col. Brennan Byrne, the Marine battalion commander, said, "No truer words have been spoken here today than those by General Latif."
Latif also told the insurgents to "stop doing stupid things."
"Those bullets that are fired will not get the Americans out, let them finish their job here so that they can return to their country," Latif said.
Now why did it take an ex-Ba’athist general to say that? It would have been nice if Iraq’s Governing Council had been leading the way with that message, supported by those non-coalition but friendly countries like Canada, and reinforced by the western media. I doubt Falluja will be open for western tourists any time soon but this definitely looks like progress. It’s trange to find better friends among former Ba’athists than so-called allies.

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