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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

You go, girl

Odd use of the word "ambitions" by Joe Clark's daughter in this Sun story about her father's innards: Dad has 'guts': Catherine. But then, perhaps she's just not that much of go-getter like ol' Joe.

"I'd never say never to a political career, but I certainly don't have any political aspirations now. For now, my ambitions are limited to deciding which candidate in my riding to support."

That is a fairly modest ambition. But I have every confidence that she will rise to the occasion, mark the ballot, and achieve her goal!

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Yet Catherine's political ambition - deciding which candidate to support in her local riding - is now exactly the same as her dad's. (Of course, he has the additional challenge of trying to pick a candidate, unlike Jim Prentice, who actually wants his support. Perhaps he should re-register in Ottawa Centre to vote for his friend Ed Broadbent.)

Posted by: Mark Cameron | 2004-04-27 12:03:41 PM

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