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Friday, April 30, 2004

Tough crowd

Sometimes the most interesting insights into Iraq come from little snippets that show up on Iraqi blogs. Check out this folk tale on wedding advice:

You know there is a rather crude and cruel folk recipe for a newly wed man. This recommends for the young man to secretly plant a great big tomcat in his wedding bedroom where he is to spend his first night with his bride. Then as he and the bride are in the room he would surreptitiously provoke the tomcat into some meowing and growling, whereupon he should fake anger and fury and catch the cat and ring its neck savagely in front of his bride. This, they claim would contribute to making a very good and tranquil marriage life.
Ah, and this is coming from one of the most pro-western, pro-democracy voices in Iraq. Imagine what the less enlightened have to say.

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I did not get the impression that Alaa was advocating the practice, or that it is very common. He was using it as analogy and it makes some sense in that light.

Posted by: randall g | 2004-05-01 6:12:44 PM

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