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Monday, April 19, 2004

toronto star and harper

From my blog, at www.members.shaw.ca/nspector4

surprise of the day— you have to wonder why chantal hébert writes in the star about the election nightmare shaping up for stephen harper, the same day she writes in le devoir that he has been growing in office much more quickly than Paul Martin. sillly me: here i thought only politicians say one thing in French and another in english.

There are reasons, she says in French, for Quebecers not to vote for Harper. But his supposed anti-Québec attitude, which the Liberals will be stressing, is not one.
Hébert adds that Jean Charest is likely to find that Harper’s vision of federalism is more congenial—including his views on the fiscal imbalance. v Non-surprise of the day

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By the way, I have posted excerpts of Chantal's column in Le Devoir (along with a translation in English) for those who are curious about it: http://www.polyscopique.com/blog/archives/000546.html

Posted by: Laurent | 2004-04-19 6:03:48 PM

Welcome aboard!

It is just barely possible that she does not see the contradiction. But a more likely explaination is that no Toronto Star columnist would ever suggest that there is anything but an election nightmare looming for the Conservatives. No matter how the office of Leader may have enlarged them.

For the Star the equation is Conservatives=Nightmare in every context.

Posted by: Jay Currie | 2004-04-19 6:07:04 PM

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