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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The usual dishonesty

He must have been reading from the wrong set of briefing notes. Being a Liberal requires that you have one set of notes for an election campaign where you condemn western conservatives and their ideas as dangerous unCanadian ideologues that threaten our way of life, everything we as Canadians hold dear. God forbid if they ever got into power we’d have deficits eliminated, the free trade agreement would be expanded to NAFTA, the GST would be kept in place, income taxes would be cut, and crown corporations like PetroCan, Air Canada and CN would be privatized in a Thatcherite hatchet-job laying waste to the Trudeaupian state. And then after the election with breathtaking systematic dishonesty you implement those things as a policy works its way from something only a redneck Albertan troglodyte could consider to crowning Liberal achievement.

So on Tuesday Pierre Pettigrew says:

If some provinces want to experiment with the private delivery option, my view is that as long as they respect the single-payer, public payer, we should be examining these efforts.
Oops!, that’s the briefing note for the meeting with Ralph Klein after the election. Now that we’re in the run up to the election we’ll be condemning anyone who says anything remotely like, uh, what I said yesterday and will be doing after the election. The election talking points naturally require any such nonsense to be met with hysterical demagoguery.

The systematic dishonesty of this crew is breathtaking. They toss around leftist rhetoric in the election campaigns as bonbons to placate the activists and toss ‘em away cavalierly afterwards. Ratify Kyoto but not implement its terms. Against free trade while expanding it. Against private delivery of health care while encouraging it. Ho-hum, just another day at the office for a Liberal. What’s truly amazing is that their followers continue to believe anything they say.

Update: And let's not forget what he said on April 23 when asked about the flourishing private MRI clinics in Quebec:

My view is that the existing enforcement mechanisms just don't work really. There's been incoherence in our enforcement of the Canada Health Act. Incoherence is a polite word. It's arbitrary.

My view is that it's time that we sit down with the provinces and develop mechanism with criteria, with principles, with a buy-in by them.

It should be noted that you can jump to the front of the line to get an MRI in Quebec if you pay cash to a private clinic. Everyone involved will happily pretend the diagnostic procedure is unnecessary to allow you to go get it.

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Yeah, MRIs are "unnecessary" in Alberta, too. That's why, when I was told I'd have to wait six to eight months for an MRI in our glorious public system, I plonked down the cash and got one in two days from a private clinic in Edmonton. (I could have had it the next day, had I phoned 'em a half hour earlier...). Then I was armed with the appropriate diagnostic image when I went to see the specialist, instead of watching the high-priced dude in the lab coat shrug and order an MRI which would have taken eight months to get otherwise.

Private delivery? More, please. As an added bonus, I took myself out of the public queue, thereby speeding up access (if only slightly) for some poor sod who has to wait on our "equality of crappy service" system 'cause he/she can't afford the private clinic.

Posted by: Garth Wood | 2004-04-29 8:09:24 AM

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