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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Slow To Catch Up

Is anyone from the Conservative Party paying attention?

Where's the blog?

Posted by Kate McMillan on April 28, 2004 in Canadian Conservative Politics | Permalink


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And why did they hire a Liberal to photograph Harper without any eyeballs??

Posted by: Jay Currie | 2004-04-28 11:49:55 PM

This statement is such a wishy-washy pandering to the left that it's nauseauting.

HELLO HARPER!!! KNOCK KNOCK... the pinko-commie "red-torries" have already decided to vote Liberal - OR they already ARE liberals.

Let them rot.
Build support from the people who are SICK of 12 years of that crap.

Posted by: Meaghan Walker-Williams | 2004-04-29 7:34:34 AM

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