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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Sasatchewan - Opportunities Missed

I do a lot of travelling by road, and being a shortcut enthusiast, I see backcountry Saskatchewan that most people don't. It's unfortunate that most who transverse the province do so on the TransCanada or Yellowhead. Neither are very entertaining.
Yesterday I took a few pics on a secondary highway that zigzags between Asquith and Maymont. There are larger versions at my own blog.

"Main street", Arelee, Sk.

View from the Maymont Bridge approach.

As an amateur photographer, it's difficult to drive the 50 or so miles of this route without stopping every few minutes for shots. I often wonder why Sask tourism hasn't exploited these out of the way routes for what they are - promoting "one tank trip" tours could bring a little badly needed revenue to tiny communities.

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