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Thursday, April 29, 2004

One more thing the government can't do right

I realize that a lot of the Western Standard/The Shotgun readers are old school conservatives but I bring this story in the libertarian spirit of proving that government just doesn't know how to do anything right. The latest example? Growing marijuana.

Nearly a third of the patients who got marijuana through Health Canada's medical access program have returned the product, says an activist who sees that as proof that federal pot isn't worth smoking.

"High school students in a cupboard could grow a product that is better and safer than what we're getting," said Philippe Lucas, who obtained the figures through the federal access to information law.

"I think it's much weaker than the government claims. I'd really suggest their testing is off."

Lucas, director of Canadians for Safe Access, said tests commissioned by his pro-pot lobby group have found the federal product contains only 5.1 per cent THC rather than the 10.2 per cent claimed by Health Canada. It doesn't even look appealing, he added.

Goes to show you that they should have at least consulted the private sector. Folks in B.C. reportedly grow a crop that's in demand around the world...

Read on.

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I'm an old school conservative in most ways, but I'm in favour of marijuana legalisation. Put it into the liquor stores, and get it out of the hands of the Hell's Angels. Prohibition has failed.

Of course the current Liberal bill will increase consumption, but still keep the profits from the grow-ops in the hands of criminals. Another brilliant plan from Chrétien and his buddies.

Posted by: Marc | 2004-04-29 6:27:06 PM

No kidding we spend $$$ growing MJ in a mine or some fool thing, when any police lockup in Canada or any week's haul from just about any raid in BC could have gotten you better stuff for free.

Heck, they could just have *asked* that someone "drop off a few bails for charity" in some places, and skip the police.

Is pot still the second largest agricultural crop in BC or is it first now?


Posted by: Fred | 2004-04-30 9:04:55 AM

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