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Thursday, April 29, 2004

No such thing as bad publicity, right?

One of our contributors, Shafer Parker, sent me this link today from Jay Nordlinger’s Impromptus on NRO (scroll waaaaaaay down). Neither of us is sure why Nordlinger is musing about this on this particular day. Still, isn’t it nice to see Canada punching above it’s weight internationally, as they say? I mean, if you forget the fact that it’s because we’re one of the key pillars in propping up a brutally oppressive Communist dictator.

Nordlinger writes:
“In 1993, [Fidel] Castro's daughter, disguised as a Spanish tourist, escaped her father's island and found refuge in the United States. She is Alina Fernández. Recently, she flew to Montreal to participate in a Reporters Without Borders event. She had never been to Canada. In an interview with the Montreal Gazette beforehand, she said, "Canada is one of the most powerful commercial associates of the regime. A lot of Canadian tourists go down to Cuba. I'm not trying to change any of that but just to let people know what's really going on."

The RWB event called attention to the fact that Cuba is "the world's biggest prison for journalists" (this is the organization's judgment, and it is hard to dispute). Said Fernández, "At least we can try to keep those people alive by keeping them in the news.”

Sez Shafer:
“In my opinion, one of the great evils of the Canadian government is its continued love affair, started during the Trudeau era I think, with Communism, and especially Cuban Communism. I am ashamed and embarrassed every time one of my friends takes advantage of the cheap rates to vacation there. The idea that we let Sherritt International Corp. pretty much rape the earth in Cuba and pay millions to Castro for the privilege, of which the workers get pennies, should turn the stomachs of Canadians. It’s disgusting to see PM after PM defending Sherritt and getting all self-righteous every time the U.S. bans another exec from travel in the states. BTW, I'm sure you're aware that Sherritt, along with the Ontario Teachers' Union, owns a major part of Luscar Coal here in Alberta. So much for union commitment to ethical investments.”

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Even a few of my more self-described "conservative" acquaintances have been to Cuba recently. Heck, I won't even go to the Shaw Festival, ok? :-)

Why? It's cheap. And God knows we Canadians like cheap. But it's the "quaint" part that kills me: "Ooo, they all drive around in these cute old 1950s cars!"

And I'm like: "Soooo, Cubans should be forced to drive crappy old beaters just so you can go see 'em once a year and go 'Awwww'?"

What's up with that?

Posted by: Kathy | 2004-04-30 5:17:09 AM

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