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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

No sleep till...November

Keith Timmerman, at Insight Mag , has a piece about how the U.S. is actually starting to have some success finding WMDs in Iraq (Hat tip: Glenn Reynolds ).

I’m not entirely sure what to make of the story, but I did find myself suddenly realizing that 'oh yeah, the search isn’t over yet.' Even though it's sort of become conventional wisdom that there "were no WMDs." All those “lies” that Bush, Powell, etc. supposedly told could still be vindicated. With pretty well everything now riding on the WMD issue and the fact that so far they haven't found Osama, Democrats must awaken every day filled with a most terrible fear.

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Late to this party ...

I just want to make the point that one of Bush's strengths is that he is fully aware that his focus must be on the war, not the Presidential campaign.

That the media constantly brings up a presidential election that is still 6 months away has done much to illuminate the fact that they don't believe we are at war and thus are out of touch with the American people.

Following the WMD trail is part of the war, not the campaign, and Kay's report and testimony before the Senate, while ignored by the media, has implications that Timmerman skillfully wove into what we remember about the early discoveries ih the war.

Until the president says "there are no WMD" most of us are keeping an open mind.

Sad freaking day when I can trust the government more than the media, but there it is.

Posted by: Debbye | 2004-04-29 1:16:55 PM

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