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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Kalle Lasn apologizes...yeah, right

Adbusters published a rather vile list of 50 neocons with the tag line, "And half of them are Jews." Gunner Kathy Shaidle clipped this quote from behind the Wall at the National Post,

"This has made me feel like I am the victim," Mr. Lasn said in an interview from his Fraser Valley home, adding he has never seen "this level of threatening phone calls, this level of swearing, this level of cancelled subscriptions" in his risk-taking company's 15-year history.
But there's more: Lasn has posted a non-apologetic response to his detractors, admiting that the list was a provocation and ending with "If half the neocons were Palestinians, would the US have invaded Iraq?"

I am inclined to think that if a Palestinian were to be a neocon he or she would almost certainly have agreed that the Middle East needed radical measures and would have easily seen the argument for invading Iraq. I argue that in my post at my blog. But I'd be interested in a wider spectrum of opinion on the question.

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Some folks don't apologize; they get angry they got caught; then they didn't know; then they were just following orders.

They are brutally innocent.

Posted by: wharold | 2004-04-09 1:43:08 AM

"If half the neocons were Palestinians, would the US have invaded Iraq?"

This is an amazing statement. This guy thinks a person's nation/ethnicity, and not their stated ideological commitment, determines their political positions. But then that was already obvious from his first article.

Posted by: Ghost of a flea | 2004-04-09 7:57:43 AM

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