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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Joe Clark has lost it

Maybe the question should be "Did he ever have it?"

Not only has he endorsed Paul Martin for Prime Minister, he is literally reading from the Liberal talking points. In the above-linked interview, Joe goes on the attack against Stephen Harper in a way that would make even Scott Brison blush. He is "extremely worried" by Harper's views. He sees "nothing in the Stephen Harper-led party that suggests on human-right issues, envrionment issues, bilingualism...anything like the governments that either Mr. Mulroney or I led." He is upset that C-250 is being held up in the Senate by "Stephen Harper's senators." (Has he forgotten that all current Conservative senators were appointed either by him or Mulroney?) Joe even said he was out in New Brunswick recently campaigning for Liberal candidate John Herron. His advice to Canadians is to vote for the best candidate at the local level.

Some might attribute this latest lashing out to bitterness about his lacklustre career coming to an end, or to the merger not being done on his own terms. I think it's more simple: as Tom Long said at the United Alternative in 2000, Joe Clark is not a conservative. Despite occasional posturing to the contrary, Joe never ever believed in conservative unity. He would rather the Liberals stay in power forever.

This is a sad (but unsurprising) way for Joe to end his career. Unless Martin appoints him to the Senate, that is...

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Joe Clark,the same guy who was pimpin his daughter around the last election?

Clarks acting like the possesive husband who has just had his wife leave him. He would sonner kill her rather than let someone else have her.

Warming up for that promised senate seat by Martin there Joey. What a hack.

Posted by: Shawn | 2004-04-25 3:18:37 PM

This once again proves my argument that the Progress Conservative Party was never conservative, merely a convenient place to rest for Canadian conservatives. Anyone who was conservative long ago ditched Joe Clark and his ilk.

Posted by: Steven Martinovich | 2004-04-25 3:58:49 PM

Small Joe Clark story:

In Parliament, near the central hall, there is series of portraits of the Prime Ministers. However, when I was last there in '99, the most recent portrait was Trudeau. Why nothing newer? The portraits are painted in the order that each person served. Joe hadn't gotten his done yet, supposedly since he hoped to be in 24 Sussex once again.

Posted by: Marc | 2004-04-25 4:01:31 PM

It looks like Joe has his eye on one of Alberta's senate vacancies...

Posted by: Sean | 2004-04-25 7:07:26 PM

I have to give credit where credit is due. When Joe Clark was leader of the Conservatives, he was seemingly of all the MPS and political types that I contacted across Canada about the very dangerous FNGA - the ONLY member of parliament that personally responded. He also responded within 3 hours of my sending him a note.

I told my Dad that, as he is pretty much been an Alliance supporter for a couple of years in BC, and he said "Really... well. That's something isn't it." But then - with typical Dad cynicism, he continued with...

"But - maybe he's got nothing better to do."

I dunno. I still appreciated it.

For the record - Got an email with days from the following MPs (or their assistants) and/or politico types.

Adrienne Clarkson,Tom Flanagan, Inky Mark, Paul Martin, Yvon Lubier.

Responses still missing in action from

Mckay, Harper, Nault, Chretien.

And - I record for posterity - the longest time between writing a letter or letters and getting a response Goes to-- John Waton, the DIA regional head. It took 5 years to get a response. Obviously he's the right man for the job at the head of the newly created Aboriginal Secretariat.

Posted by: Meaghan Walker-Williams | 2004-04-26 12:23:14 AM

Contemplate this: For as long as Low Blow Joe lives, a little part of his salary or pension will be paid out of your tax money. Shudder.

Posted by: alan | 2004-04-26 8:01:09 AM

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