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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Looking out for number one...and that's him

I don’t relish weighing in on this. Joe Clark business. For one thing I’m a little late coming to the party. More importantly, the man is clearly making a final attempt at some historical relevance beyond the long list of foibles he has racked up. I hate to abet that.

Still, one thing I haven’t seen articulated quite clearly enough (though with all the ink that’s been spilled , I surely missed it somewhere) is that Clark ultimately has no choice but to attack Harper at every turn. This is more than sour grapes. And yes, Damian is right that the pro-Martin stance is ultimately the predictable culmination of a lifetime of Red Toryism. But given that the man essentially held the PC party captive for the last half-decade, refusing to countenance any merger with the Alliance party, it is in his best interest to torpedo the new force as best he can. He has hung his legacy on the belief that the Tory party would one day return and there is much at stake for him here. It’s the same reason Rick Borotsik, also an opponent, is now coming to Clark’s defence . After all, the worst case scenario for Clark would be for Harper’s new party to win power or even force the Liberals into minority status, because it would prove to the world that Clark’s megalomania was really the ultimate cause for the last two terms of Liberal rule, and all the hardship that has come of it. Had he been more rational and reasonable, the united front might have been realized earlier and the government of this country might have been something else altogether. The best case scenario is for the Tories to fail so that Clark can say “I told you so,” and his historical record will have one less black mark upon it. As if it would make a difference at this point.

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