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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Good Neighbours

A new Macleans poll comparing Canadian and American atitudes finds that while most Americans think of Canadians as "funny" and "tolerant", most Canadians think of Americans as "arrogant" and "patriotic" (which Macleans duly notes is not necessarily thought of as a compliment up here in the land of free medicare for Al-Qaeda sympathizers).

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Not long ago, I wrote an op-ed for the Dallas Morning News about being "a Canadian trapped in an American's body". It got more than 35,000 hits and I received about 100 emails from American's who'd read and enjoyed it.

Once again I was startled by the disconnect between our national self-image and the ugly reality. The American letter writers, along with pretty much every U.S. citizen I've encountered, were polite, articulate, optimistic and had a generosity of spirit that would put most of my crusty, stressed out fellow Torontonians to shame. I got invitations to move to various states (or at least come for an extended stay in the writer's home).

We Canadians consider ourselves the nice, polite ones, but frankly, my fellow citizens get ruder, snottier and shallower each passing year. (Again, this is a Torontonian writing). We are cheap, fearful sheep for the most part. Brittle litte bundles of resentments, laughing nervously, if at all.

Given the time and energy we waste hating them, Canadians would be surprised to learn just how little Americans think of us, if at all.

Posted by: Kathy Shaidle | 2004-04-27 12:38:06 PM

Kathy - Do you have a link for that Dallas Morning News article??

Posted by: JGS | 2004-04-27 3:34:48 PM


I don't have a link (it isn't up on their site anymore) but send me an email and I will track down the original(s) and send the story to you. There were two different ledes and I can't find the correct version right now (so sleeeeepy).


Posted by: Kathy | 2004-04-27 7:17:25 PM

I get the impression that the so-called "Canadian nationalists" are just anti-American racists trying to incite hatred.

They're also corporate lackies by tying Canadian national identity to certain brand names - i.e. Tim Horton's, Molson, etc. It's a scam, as usual, to make money for the rich in Ontario.

Thank goodness for Brian Mulroney for being honest about the necessity for good bilateral relations. It just doesn't get any better than having the US as a neighbor.

I just wish the ingrates in Toronto would get a life.

Posted by: Scott M. | 2004-04-27 9:25:22 PM

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