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Friday, April 30, 2004

Finally an Ontarian is talking about Senate reform

Former Ontario Solicitor General Bob Runciman says it is time for an elected Senate. He has called for provincial legislation that would allow elections for the Senate and presenting the winner of the contest to the Prime Minister to be appointed to fill a Senate vacancy. The Globe and Mail reports "Alberta passed similar legislation in 1988 but prime ministers have refused to appoint the victors in subsequent elections to Alberta vacancies in the Senate," apparently forgetting about the only Reform Party senator, the late Stan Waters.

Runciman says the government would heed the advice of the Ontario electorate or face a possible backlash come the next federal election. While Senate reform has been a non-starter in Ontario, it may resonate in the next campaign if it is connected to the need for accountability for the federal Liberals who seem to want power for no other reason than to reward their friends (patronage, lucrative consulting contracts, large commissions for placing sponsorship ads).

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Senate reform,a big yes!.The senate is stacked now with liberal senators.For fairness and democracy the senate now needs conservative senators.Alberta has two senate appointments soon,the PM should simply appoint two names given by the Alberta premier,this way the constitution does'nt even need changing.Liberal new PM Paul Martin stated change in the way government does things will happen with him,senate reform would be a good start for real change and a plus for Alberta and Canada.Senate needs conservative senators now!!.

Posted by: Larry Jung | 2004-05-02 5:16:39 AM

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