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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Explosions in Damascus

Just breaking now, this from DEBKAfile:

Reports of up to 15 explosions, heavy shooting in western district of Syrian capital Damascus, which Syrian security forces have cordoned off. Damascus hospitals placed on the ready.

DEBKAfile’s sources add: Initial accounts indicate British ambassador’s residence, Canadian and Saudi embassies in W. Damascus targeted in series of terrorist attacks by car bombs and gun squads recalling al Qaeda’s mixed bombing-shooting attacks in Saudi capital.

Update: AP via Globe and Mail
Update 3 pm MST: Longer AP report on Fox: "One witness said four gunmen came out of a white van on the main Mazza Boulevard in front of the Canadian Embassy and started shooting indiscriminately."
Update 5 pm MST: CP: Terror attack in Syria "...attacked a UN building in a diplomatic quarter of the Syrian capital near the Canadian Embassy Tuesday, a Syrian official said...Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham said initial reports indicated there were no Canadian victims nor was there any damage at the Canadian Embassy."
Whew! Done now.

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What? Nobody told the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda that Canada doesn't support Bush's war? What do they think we are, part of Western civilization or something? (Seriously, let's hope and pray that nobody was killed, particularly none of the Canadian embassy staff.)

Posted by: Mark Cameron | 2004-04-27 12:59:32 PM

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