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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Contributing to Leviathan

I've put off my taxes long enough and sorry Rev. Bill Phipps, I'm not going to pay joyfully. At this time of year I am both displeased with my government and my fellow Canadians. Why won't Canadians ever rise up and say enough with confiscatorily high taxes? Perhaps because most Canadians think all they pay in taxes is the final cheque they write in April (or get back). Few Canadians understand that they are paying taxes every time they get paid. Several years ago when Walter Williams was guest hosting for Rush Limbaugh, he suggested that the government end deducting income tax at the source and have Americans pay it monthly like they would any other bill. Preferably in person at a government tax office. Even better, require that taxes be paid in denominations no larger than fives and tens. Then, and only then will people realize how much they really pay in taxes and perhaps then taxpayers will demand less of their government. Perhaps.

Tax time quote from Mark Milke from his boo Tax Me, I'm Canadian: Your Money and How Politicians Spend It: "The belief that enough smart people plus more tax dollars as the solution to a problem is a perennial temptation to intellectuals and to politicians no matter their political stripe." It is time to starve the beast.

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Paul, don't you know that Canadians are proud communitarians and not rabid individualists? So...kind of like...ants, I guess, as opposed to, say, the larger beasties that squash them.

Posted by: alan | 2004-04-28 9:27:32 PM

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