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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

A new whinefest

Tired of federal-provincial gatherings where premiers do nothing but whine for more money? A little fatigued at all the environmentalists, feminists and other agitprop groups setting up a morehandouts.com organization whose principal activity appears to be to lobby for more government boodle? Well, now we have a new Roundtable whinefest:

A key element of the policy is to ensure domestic partners will be engaged in improving our national security system, through:[...]
3. The Cross-Cultural Roundtable on Security, which will better engage Canada's ethno-cultural and religious communities around ongoing security-related issues.

Funny, I was just thinking that what we really needed in this country was a Cross-Cultural Roundtable of ethno-cultural and religious communities. I have no doubt this will attract an interesting assortment of characters who will come with the attitude "ask not what you can do for your country, ask instead if there is any possible grievance that has not yet been apologized for, compensation paid, or any politically incorrect critic in need of silencing".

Does anyone actually have confidence in the Liberals running a Cross-Cultural Roundtable of ethno-cultural and religious communities to any conceivable constructive purpose?

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Remember those old "My Canada Includes Quebec" t-shirts and bumper stickers, and the parody versions - "My Canada Includes Every Bitching, Whining, Province, Aboriginal, Feminist, Minority and Special Interest Group"?

Posted by: Mark Cameron | 2004-04-27 7:50:08 PM


How about a USEFUL discussion on how poor immigration law has drammatically reduced security and increased costs to Canadians.

THAT's something I'd watch, you know people with facts. figures AND an agenda.

Posted by: Fred | 2004-04-28 10:42:21 AM

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