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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

2 from Quebec

Oh man. Leave already.

Two stories from today's unlinkable National Post:

"As of June 1, a new law dealing with psychological harassment goes into effect in Quebec. (...) The law governs repeated insults, vulgar remarks or gestures that are offensive and demean another person's integrity or undermine his or her self-esteem."


"Comedy sketches mocking the powerful are an annual tradition on year-end television in Quebec, but one of the province's leading business titans, Pierre Karl Peladeau, has served notice that he is not amused.

"In a move that has alarmed many in the Quebec artistic community, the TVA network has fired a popular comic, Louis Morissette, who had written a devastating satire of Mr. Peladeau and his partner, Julie Snyder. Mr. Peladeau is the CEO of Quebecor Inc., which indirectly controls TVA."

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