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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

2:10 and counting

Just got an email bulletin from LifeSite News:

"The final Senate vote on homosexual hate crime bill C-250 will take place at 3pm today. Senate sources have told LifeSiteNews.com that the bill will pass 'very handily'. Once passed by the Senate the law will only take effect once it is signed by the Governor General.

"Pro-family groups which have been battling the bill for years are still encouraging supporters to call Senators’ offices to ask that they vote against the measure. However top on the priority list at this late hour are requests for prayer that the bill be rejected."

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Now it has passed:


A year and a half ago, The Ambler had a thought-provoking commentary on what C-250 could mean, based on a "hate crime" case against a Christian preacher preaching against Islam:


Posted by: Will S. | 2004-04-29 2:45:17 AM

It's a sad day for the concepts of free speech, religious expression and sensible discussion with the passage of this bill. Sigh.....
Just a thought though. Can we not be the first to use this bill to go after those groups (eg: Canadians for Equal Marriage, etc...) who are targeting those MP's who oppose 'Same-Sex marriage' ? Does not this type of blatant targeting constitute racism or hate-crimes? It surely would be if it was the other way around and you were targeting an MP who was 'Gay'. Or maybe I am way off base. Just a thought.

Posted by: Paul | 2004-04-29 8:56:56 AM

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