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Friday, July 09, 2010

Letter to Ambassador to Poland from Hedy Fry: I'm offended you're not flying the rainbow flag


Liberal Party MP Hedy Fry has taken it upon herself to issue a stern rebuke to Daniel Costello, Canada's Ambassador to Poland, for failing to fly the rainbow pride flag at Canada's embassy in Warsaw during EuroPride.

Here's the letter, in full:

Ambassador Daniel Costello
ul . Jana Matejki
1/5 00-481 Warsaw

Dear Ambassador,

I am writing to you regarding an issue that has reverberated across Canada and about which I have received many complaints. The refusal of the Canadian Embassy in Poland to fly the rainbow flag during the Euro Pride Festivities in Warsaw is an affront to Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, rule of law and stated values.

Canada, under the Liberal governments of Jean Chretien and Paul Martin, implemented changes in the Human Rights Act and over 86 pieces of federal legislation that advanced full equality, de jure and de facto, to Gays and Lesbians.

We are proud to be one of the first countries in the world to legalise same-sex marriage. As a Minister for six years, I took this issue to all international and multilateral fora for inclusion in official action plans.

I urge you to respect Canada's leadership in the arena of human rights and minority rights and to fly the flag, proudly, in support of a minority group whose rights have been denied and who still face violence and death in many parts of the world.

If Canada cannot lead by example, as has been our tradition, we have lost our way as a global citizen and a nation respected for fairness and principle.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Hon. Hedy Fry, P.C, M.P.
Vancouver Centre

Cc. Hon. Laurence Cannon, P.C. M.P., Minister of Foreign Affairs

h/t Stephen Taylor, via Liberal Party website

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They were probably burning crosses, too!

Posted by: Leigh P Sullivan | 2010-07-09 3:20:30 PM

I know what the ambassador did: he made three copies. An annotated version went back to Mr. Harper in Ottawa for his "perusal". He added "Hey Steve, get a load of this!"

One went on to the Embassy's notice board for a good chuckle. He crumpled up the last and threw it into the garbage where it belongs.

Could anyone but Fry have sent it?

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2010-07-09 3:31:42 PM

Dear Ms Fry

we noticed you weren't flying a Polish flag at your office.. its a cool two headed eagle, You can't miss it unless you are refusing to fly it because you are systematically intolerant of bi cranial birds of prey. We would appreciate your prompt attention to this matter or we'll riot in your Vancouver riding.

May the force be with you

Posted by: 419 | 2010-07-09 3:42:54 PM

419: nice try. Here's my version:

Dear Ms Fry,

We noticed that you have not been flying a Polish flag at your office. Given Poland's longstanding friendship with Canada which stretches from World War II to Afghanistan, we consider this to be an egregious insult. Please rectify the situation immediately.

Live long and prosper.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2010-07-09 4:21:39 PM

Yo Brother Zeb'
your version has great merit considering the enormous gravity of the situation. You might want to changethe closing salutation to reflect this.

May I suggest " Yabba Dabba Do "

Posted by: 419 | 2010-07-09 8:34:47 PM

Is Hedy Fry Gay?

Posted by: set you free | 2010-07-09 9:48:19 PM

This is not half so sad a commentary on Hedy Fry as it is on the moonbat constituents that keep electing her term after term.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2010-07-09 9:59:29 PM

This woman is nuts. No kinder way to put it. Also shows the mentality of the constituants that put her into office.

Posted by: peterj | 2010-07-09 10:36:21 PM

Hedy Fry is a huge improvement over Sven Robinson and she has _never, as far I know, ever stolen jewelry for her lover, marched in the streets to remove " God" from the Canadian Constitution or championed Euthanasia as a tax payer funded method of settling affairs with the terminally ill..

However, both the Hon Sven and the Hon Hedy foolishly backed convicted druglord, Marc Emery= aka: the Prince of Prison, aka: the the Sultan of Solitary Confinement.

Well that's their choice to bunt for felons and demand equal rights for Flags...

Your NDP... working overtime
to promote the decorative arts
- worldwide

Posted by: 419 | 2010-07-09 11:15:19 PM

SYF: no, she isn't. She's just a typical Liberal infected with Trudeauism, elitism and privilege. They truly see themselves as the master race.

419: "Yabba dabba do" is a classic, but nowhere near the genius of "the Sultan of Solitary Confinement."

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2010-07-10 7:12:27 AM

Brother Zebulon..

I need your wisdom SOS I am finding it impossible to collect any of my winning bets from the string of Emery Lovers who just a few weeks ago were so _certain he would never cross the US border to face his enemies..

I am owed over $700 and all these former loud and proud over confident pro drug heroes have mysteriously disappeared..

Do you have any ideas on how I can find these online casino deadbeats and collect my winnings? My talking dog says I am better off with them gone out of my life.. He is a great judge of human character but he is not very good at math.

I am feelin' kinda blue that maybe these were not honourable people I was dealing with and that I may in fact, never collect. My absolute last hope was writing a letter to Rt Hon Hedy Fry asking her to intervene, now I am not so sure she has any idea of what happens in the real world' And I thought fat people were supposed to be jolly and kind

Posted by: 419 | 2010-07-10 8:15:01 AM

419: I hate to say it but you won't receive any money from them. First, there's no way to track them. Second, even if found, they're lazy hippies who have no money. They gave it all to drug dealer Marc Emery. It's called a vicious cycle. You might as well ask Fry for the money - but there's another dead end.

Let this be a lesson: don't bet on these people. They are losers. Drugs and leftist politics made them this way - they expect things rather than working for them.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2010-07-10 8:49:31 AM

I almost fell off my chair laughing when I read the part of "an issue that has reverberated across Canada" until I remember who the writer was. At least she is no longer seeing cross burnings all over Prince George. All things considered it probably says more about the people who continue to elect her.

Posted by: Alain | 2010-07-10 1:34:03 PM

I say keep Rough & Ready Hedy where she is..because the day she loses her seat,
you just know shes going to write a book
and will carping on CBC radio pushing it to
Toronto yuppies as the ideal
Non Christmas gift for that old fuck activist relative still living in your basement..

Posted by: 419 | 2010-07-10 2:10:22 PM

sorry dipshits, not every person who smokes pot doesn't pay their bills or their bets. It is said that people are judged by the company they keep, apparently you choose to hang out with losers! Get some new, functional friends, you meatheads!

Posted by: potsmoker | 2010-07-10 6:27:28 PM

potsmoker, I have no idea what you are talking about. Do you have anything to add to the topic of discussion?

Posted by: Alain | 2010-07-10 8:45:54 PM

Potsmoker, people are judged by the company they keep because usually people keep the company of people who are like them. Whether we keep the company of losers and meatheads is a matter of opinion. That a pot smoker without a medical exemption keeps the company of criminals is a fact. To make comparisons is to invite them.

Alain, PS is talking about 419's inability to collect on the wagers he claims to have made with Emery supporters, and Zebulon's subsequent comments to the effect that pot smokers are welchers who won't (or can't) pay their debts. It would seem PS took umbrage at being pigeonholed, and decided the best way to set matters right would be to indulge in some himself.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2010-07-10 9:23:52 PM

The Emery supporters as a group, (yes all of them) - were so certain their prince would triumph over the rule of law and shake off the extradition order and walk free- that they gleefully accepted bets to that end. Bets ranged from $25- $100 due on the day their Prince either walked free or was sent in chains across the border.

Like any normal person, I was getting sick of their bitter Godless drug worship rhetoric and challenged the worst offenders to put their money where their mouths were. They did and now that its time to pay me -- they conveniently disappeared..all of them the entire wipehead mouthpiece contingent retreated from the discussion and in the process, failed to pay their bills.

They _all assured me they would hunt me down and force me to pay "when" _they won.

I have all that bantering saved to disc because I recognised it as timely wipehead trash talk betraying their petty rages and fundimental frustrations - and I will deposit a copy of this entire" Emery flotsam dialogues " with the national Archives so future generations can read in detail what a bunch of drugged up clowns the just pre 2010 Toronto rioters resistance movement reallt were.

At first that seemed like a man spirited & petty project, but as the BC stoner uprising failed and the subsequent blac bloc inspired anarchist riots in Toronto failed, hey I had social history gold..Wipeheads in their own dumb words just before their Titanic hit the iceberg

what I have here is a record of the dipshit anarchists crash and burn summer of 2010 winding up to free Marc Emery and burn Toronto- both offences failed, and their own words of why freedom is only what they say it is, and validity is only what they say it is.. and their spite and anger towards anybody else but their psychotic drug hero...

Yup and they vented their sociopathetic spleens here on the Western Standard Shotgun first- its all time stamped and with detailed dialogues between the online forces of anarchy punks and Shane, Zeb and a few other " prohibitionist Troll fossils in the pay of the Torry Christian Oppressors" ha ha ha ! S U C K E R S ! !

ya so 21st century dope politics and your average anarchist asshole on the make turned out to shared deeply entwined agendas..those goofs dug their own graves with their own keyboards..

Now to have someone set it to music and see it I can mount it on stage something like " CATS "-- and maybe someday. I will adapt it for the Ice Capades..'cause that's all that entire movement was worth.. cartoon drama to skate to

Posted by: 419 | 2010-07-10 10:21:47 PM

Emery himself always said he'd go and fact the music in the U.S. Who cares what his supporters said?

419 seems unable to focus on the subject (Hedy Fry, btw) and instead keeps up the habit of wanting to discuss Marc Emery and insignificant plants. I'm no expert, but it sure screams of jonesing to me.

Posted by: Leigh Patrick Sullivan | 2010-07-12 8:52:19 AM

Wrong. Emery made numerous and increasingly desperate appeals to the public to save him from jail. He did so AFTER he struck his plea deal too. That no one but his tiny squad of minions showed any interest indicates how important his situation is to the public. Emery is a drug dealer, pure and simple, seen by most as a reckless criminal who got what he deserved.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2010-07-12 9:22:51 AM

This is not the place for a debate about Marc Emery. Be patient. We'll post something about Emery's situation very shortly.

Posted by: P.M. Jaworski | 2010-07-12 9:26:57 AM

It appears that Fry was doubly wrong about this. The Euro Gay Pride parade is controversial in Poland. If so, the embassy did not fly the flag out of respect for local sensibilities. This goes to show how out of touch Canadian Liberals are from the rest of humanity. Fry may have done this on her own, but they all deserve equal contempt.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2010-07-12 9:38:38 AM

Hey Jaws, how is the
" Marc Emery/ Mein Cramp"
book you commissioned
coming along ?

Posted by: 419 | 2010-07-12 10:19:46 AM

419- I quote PM Jaworski: "This is not the place for a debate about Marc Emery. Be patient. We'll post something about Emery's situation very shortly."
If you need help understanding this, I'm sure someone can read it to you, use flash cards, etc.

Posted by: Leigh Patrick Sullivan | 2010-07-13 7:45:16 AM

We should have our man in Tehran fly the fairy flag. That would be fun to watch.

Posted by: Paulie | 2010-07-14 10:42:20 AM

I sent Hedy an email asking her when she was going to fly MY flag as a "proud over-taxed western Caucasian infidel of European descent woman."

No response yet.

Posted by: Barb R | 2010-07-18 8:07:39 AM

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