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Thursday, July 15, 2010

G20 shenanigans: Forced vaccinations and no note-taking

CBC's Kady O'Malley tweets her surprise at a ruling by a Toronto justice of the peace that there will be no note-taking at bail hearing for G20 protesters. Susan Clairmont, of the Hamilton Spectator, expresses her outrage:

Everyone is allowed to take notes in court.


But the other day a Toronto justice of the peace decided to make up his own rules. He banned "note-taking" in his Etobicoke courtroom where bail hearings were being held for G20 protesters.

It was the latest -- and most ridiculous -- in a series of bizarre steps taken by court officials to build a big fat wall around the whole judicial process for accused demonstrators.

So much for an open and transparent court system. So much for accountability.

And speaking of Kady, did anyone else catch her account of what MP Maria Mourani of the Bloc claimed at committee on July 12th? Here's an excerpt from Kady's live-blog of the G8/G20 security inquiry at Public Safety (found at the 4:53 p.m. mark):

Huh. I think it's safe to say that Mourani's allegation that some detainees were vaccinated against their will managed to wake up the media table. For tuberculosis, apparently. Not heard that one before. Anyway, her party wants to see the committee begin its investigation this fall, and exhorts her colleagues to "shine a light on this."

Forced vaccinations? Against tuberculosis? This allegation is either crazy-talk, or outright crazy, if true. But I haven't seen or heard anyone repeat it, so I'm going to guess it's the former, until someone produces some evidence of the vaccinations.

In related news, we asked you on Tuesday whether or not you thought there should be an inquiry in the police actions during the G20.

With nearly 1,000 votes so far, the "No"s are leading three-to-one: 72% (672) say "No," with 28% (264) saying "Yes."

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One could have gotten the exact same online polling result were one to ask if physicians who administer abortions should be given the death penalty.

Let it not be said that conservatives don't know how to render online poll results that are entirely unreflective of the opinions of the populace at large.

I could say the left has more honesty than to organize such efforts...but that would be erroneous. The truth is that they're either too lazy, too indifferent, or too stupid to do what the conservatives do to online polls.

Either way: online polling is an utter joke.

So, let's have some fun. How about a poll asking: whether or not children should be taught that God is supreme in Canada's system of government? Or a poll asking whether or not grade school students should be taught to treat nothing as true that is not first demonstrated to be true by means of physical evidence (i.e., a poll asking whether or not our children should be taught to be Doubting Thomases)?

Posted by: Paul McKeever | 2010-07-15 1:06:59 PM

How intellectually dishonest to talk about a poll. That is not a poll, just a confirmation of the bias of those readers, who aren't even aware of the real facts.
Ask how many believe Jesus is the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, and publish those beside it.

What are the right-wing folks going to do, if one day the police-state tactics are targeted at their demographic? What will they do when the police are ordered to confiscate their guns?
They might like when the police-state goes after innocent kids in the street, but that same power can be abused in the other direction too.
Canada is literally being flushed down the toilet.

Posted by: citizen | 2010-07-15 3:28:07 PM

citizen: Don't get distressed. If you follow the link, it does say "unscientific" and "fun."

Also, please be aware that both myself and Mike Brock have been busy posting our concerns over the actions of police over the G20 weekend. So much so that commenters have complained about "anti-police" bias.

Posted by: P.M. Jaworski | 2010-07-15 3:42:26 PM

that was no vaccination:
- that was a microchip implant
those weren't cops wearing protective goggles:
- those were aliens

Posted by: 419 | 2010-07-15 3:55:00 PM

If you can’t be serious, Paul, don’t expect others to take you seriously. Ballot-stuffing is far more a Democratic than Republican tradition, and it’s not right-wingers you see out there marching in the streets, trashing frankenfood labs, or telling us the world's coastal cities will all be underwater by 2100.

When people don’t want to face unpleasant facts, they take refuge in conspiracy theories or paranoid delusions. It’s not their fault they’re unhappy, they tell themselves. It’s always somebody else.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2010-07-15 4:18:50 PM

How intellectually dishonest to talk about a poll. That is not a poll, just a confirmation of the bias of those readers, who aren't even aware of the real facts.

You have some inside track to pertinent information that we don’t? Or would you rather think that than ponder whether you might be the one who’s wrong?

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2010-07-15 4:19:52 PM

A little inside track like living 2 seconds from where it all happened, and like, seeing it with ones own eyes for days on end. Anyone who saw it, could see the police response was absolutely terrible. It was either absolute incompetence from the RCMP and police leaders, or some type of plan to turn a city into random martial law, without telling anyone about it.

The police did nothing on Sat, they stood there, and even ran away from the few looters. Why didn't police grab a few looters?
Why didn't they shoot a few rubber bullets at those people in masks putting rocks through windows?
The police abandoned the store owners on Yonge St, ask them yourself. That is grounds enough for an inquiry.

Then many hours later, these clumsy useless riot squads went here and there, literally just grabbing random people, and throwing them in those cages. Must have had an arrest quota.
Notice the police didn't catch the vandals! They just grabbed whoever they could grab. All the crooks probably went home, and would certainly not come near police lines.

The police response was absolutely terrible. They did nothing to stop the riot, nothing.
Ask them how many arrests were made of black bloc rioters, during the riot. Zero?

Then to go and arrest more than 800 innocent citizens, with cops hiding their badge numbers, shooting unarmed young girls with rubber bullets from feet away.
Again, widespread hiding of badge numbers is enough for an inquiry right there.

It would be like some group of punks vandalized West Edmonton Mall on Sat, and police did nothing at all. Then Sunday they come back, and just arrest everyone near the mall they could grab, and throw you in a cage for 24 hrs without proper water or heat, and abuse people.
That is G20 Toronto policing.
If there is a real inquiry, it will come out.

No one asks about the fires left burning for hours, that could have burnt down entire areas.
There are dozens of grounds for a public inquiry.
Never mind the countless millions handed over to political cronies.

People have no idea of what they did in Toronto on that weekend, but it will come out, as these things do. That is why the anti-inquiry disinformation is so intense. They know if the facts come out, they are toast.

Posted by: citizen | 2010-07-15 5:15:07 PM

Forced vaccinations? When can we expect the claim that it is a Zionist plot?

Posted by: Alain | 2010-07-15 5:43:15 PM

Shane: please. I've been using the internet on a daily basis since 1989. I've been a reader or poster to conservative discussion boards for much of that time. I know full well that it is considered good sport to announce on a conservative discussion board or blog that there is a poll here or there, and that everyone should vote the "conservative" way on the poll. It is a very successful exercise, mostly because so few people vote on online polls, and there are enough conservative website regulars willing and able to skew almost any online poll.

The lefties: no so much.

Incidentally: simply compare any online poll results with results from legitimate polls. There is no comparison.

Posted by: Paul McKeever | 2010-07-15 8:55:42 PM

I see that this time, there is a Stasi Zionist-Globalist plan going on to try to force everyone to get vaccinations.

Harper's government is a complete failure. Toronto needs to open their eyes, vote the trash out.

Posted by: Freedom_Save | 2010-07-15 10:55:47 PM

You're not telling us anything we don't already know, Citizen. I too would like an explanation as to why they didn't arrest the vandals on Saturday. However, I've got to the point where I never believe protesters if they say they're being "peaceful." The "Freedom Flotilla" was supposed to be peaceful, too.

Again, all of this has been in the news. Moreover, the police are now distributing wanted posters and borrowing face-recognition software and possibly image databases (to the distress of civil libertarians) for the very purpose of catching those vandals. I thought you said we didn't know the true facts.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2010-07-16 6:25:03 AM

Paul: Please. Act your age.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2010-07-16 6:25:46 AM

"I too would like an explanation as to why they didn't arrest the vandals on Saturday. "

Ummm ... perhaps because the "vandals" were cops?

Remember this ...?

"Canada: Police agent-provocateurs unmasked at Montebello summit protests
By François Tremblay
4 September 2007
An amateur video posted on the internet shows cops disguised as anarchist protesters trying to provoke fights between riot police and demonstrators at last month’s Montebello, Quebec, summit meeting of the US and Mexican presidents and Canada’s prime minister."

Posted by: granny | 2010-07-17 9:43:13 PM

Does that prove that the window-breakers at G20 were also police agents, granny? When you present something as a statement of fact, it is expected that you will offer more convincing proof than “coulda happened.”

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2010-07-17 9:55:33 PM

Haven't you caught on yet folks? It is all a big game, we are being conned!

This is what is really going on at these illegal, Globalist, non-elected, World Government dictator meetings, called G20's or G8's

There is no Right or Left, that is just an illusion made by the politicians, for the sheeple to see!

All done to distract, from the real issues, so that you believe you are making a choice!

Did you have a choice in the NAFTA agreement they brought in? Did you ever read it?

Are you going to get a vote, on whether or not the North American Union, that the Carbon Tax charging Global Elite want to bring in, will be accepted by you a Canadian citizen in exchange for your Canadian Sovereignty?

If you are a Canadian, read the book,"The True Story of the Bilderberg Group", by Canadian author Daniel Estulin, you will then learn all about how the NAFTA, was brought in to Canada and which Canadian politicians performed a Treasonous act on us, coming in the future, read about the SPP and how the North American Union plans to come into Canada!

At that point, you will work with, American and Mexican laborers for about 40 cents a day, for the Elitist Corporations, under David and Jay Rockefeller, and Maurice Strong, top members of "Bilderberg Group" and at the top of the ladder of Elitists, "Lord Rothschild" and his Central Banks in Great Britan!

Really folks, the results are already decided before you ever, get a voice in anything!

Big Elitist Pharma, want to sell you their huge left over stock of H1N1 shots, from last winter that many refused to take because of their notiriety of culling practices!

Vote Left get Bull = Vote Right get Bull

This is why we need a new party for Canadian citizens, not for Corporations!

The Left and Right in Canada is already corrupted or bought off, by Elite money! Just as in the United States, but sneakier! Wise up, Stand Up and say NO, to the Elitist take over and corrupt Government!

This little clip below backs up what I'm talking about, how else could I tell you, we have other players in the game, behind the curtain, pulling strings that you never see!

Take a look at the little 2 minute news clip below!

TWO Party Paradyne System News clip:

Posted by: M Btok | 2010-07-24 12:03:54 AM

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