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Monday, March 30, 2009

Today's political grab bag

The "homeless cons" make the news, spurring more talk of a fracture in the Conservative Party, but with Harper at the helm and in the PMO it's all premature if you ask me.

Pollsters and Buzz Hargrove interpret a returning of the Liberal base to their party after the disaster that was Stephane Dion as weakness on the NDP's, and more specifically Jack Layton's part.

Pierre Poilievre noticed that Google Street View exists and threw the hissy fit that everyone else got out of their system a few years ago.

And Frank Klees did a cannonball into the Ontario PC leadership race while we were all facing the other way waiting to watch Hudak, Hillier and Elliott dive in. For more on this one read Hugh's post yesterday, since he was reporting from the ground.

UPDATE: It seems like it belongs here - pollsters have, I think for the first time, found that Canadians think Iggy is the leader best suited to handle the economic crisis. I know it's a poll. I know you can make them say almost anything. But they do provide some indication of public opinion, and they haven't said this before, so it's noteworthy anyway.

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Hurray to Frank Klees! His pamphlets and his performance at debates were a breath of fresh air during the last leadership race. It was so nice to have a candidate actually take real positions and debate real policy rather that regurgitating meaningless catchphrases - which is of course, unfortunately, why he did not win. Voters read pamphlets trying to find something to vote against, not to find something to vote for. If they find nothing offensive, they feel comfy enough to support the candidate. Still, I'm very happy he's taking another run as long as he sticks to his guaranteed-to-cost-him-victory strategy of telling it like it is. What, me cynical?

Posted by: anonymous | 2009-03-30 8:18:32 AM

"The "homeless cons" make the news, spurring more talk of a fracture in the Conservative Party, but with Harper at the helm and in the PMO it's all premature if you ask me."

Why on earth this concerns the anti-conservative leftists/labour activists/Liberal/NDP supporters here at WS is beyond me, and I'd be surprised if Poilievre's IQ didn't exceed yours by a standard deviation.

Posted by: Keelor | 2009-03-30 8:25:12 AM

Keelor, it doesn't really concern me, but I do find it interesting.

If I were listing things I was concerned about, I might include how the Conservatives brag about increased funding - over and above anything EVER offered by the Liberals! - for the CBC by their government. Silly me, I thought they might start making the moves to help CBC transition away from government ownership when I campaigned for Harper's Conservatives back when they were still trying to win government. But since Harper hasn't delivered on promises for smaller government, I guess my only alternative, as far as you can tell, would be to join the NDP.

Don't worry, though. I'm sure your Conservative revolution is right around the corner. Don't let any worries about supporting state-run media, increasing government debt and massive government spending get in your way! Just shun the non-believers and all will be well.

Posted by: Janet | 2009-03-30 10:19:58 AM

What a great post. Funny and informative.

Posted by: Matthew Johnston | 2009-03-30 11:47:59 AM

>>The "homeless cons" make the news, spurring more talk of a fracture in the Conservative Party, but with Harper at the helm and in the PMO it's all premature if you ask me.

and what more Conservative ostriches, spin doctors who cannot see the handwriting on the wall, the same ones who could not foretell the dramatic Alberta recession the Liberals are now ahead in Canada.. Canada opposition Liberals take slight lead - poll Reuters - The Liberals have continually attacked Prime Minister Stephen Harper for not doing enough to tackle the economic crisis. The survey showed that 41 percent Canada’s opposition Liberals have gained a slight lead in popular support over the ruling Conservatives amid increasing unhappiness over how the government is tackling the economic crisis, according to a poll published on Monday. The Leger Marketing poll for the French-language Le Devoir newspaper put the Liberals, led by Michael Ignatieff, at 35 percent popular support, compared with 34 percent for the Conservatives, who won a strengthened minority in the general election held last October. The survey showed that 41 percent of Canadians said Ignatieff had the best ideas for fixing the economy, compared with just 32 percent for Harper. ”There is no good news at all in this poll for the Conservatives. A government always has difficulties during an economic crisis and this is confirmed (by the survey),” Leger pollster Jean-Marc Leger told Le Devoir. Most polls since the election have put the Conservatives ahead, although the gap has narrowed since Ignatieff took over from previous leader Stephane Dion in December.

Posted by: thenonconformer | 2009-03-31 6:49:09 AM

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