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Monday, March 30, 2009

Randy Hillier announces bid for leadership of Ontario Progressive Conservative Party

Randy Hillier, the suspender-wearing, private property supporting, eccentric Member of Provincial Parliament in Ontario has announced that he is running to become the leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party. The slogan for his campaign? "A Conservative leader for a Conservative Party."

In his speech, published here at the Western Standard under the title "Freedom, Justice & Democracy," Hillier announced his intentions to produce policies that will strengthen individual liberty. Concrete proposals include "abolishing" the Ontario Human Rights Commission by introducing legislation to place human rights complaints under the jurisdiction of "real" courts (rather than the kangaroo courts we've so often written about); introducing legislation to provide for an elected Senate in Ontario; and introduction of the "Freedom of Conscience and Association Act" which will be "an act to protect the rights of the individual to not be compelled or coerced into actions or associations they find objectionable."

Here are a few excerpts from Hillier's speech:

We have passed countless laws that diminish the individual’s responsibility, removes their good judgment and places it into the hands of a regulatory body.

We have become a “nanny-state” of dependence.

We are no longer responsible for our actions when we allow ourselves to blame others for our actions.

We now have over half a million provincial regulations.

Many of them diminish individual responsibility.

Many others blur the line between private and public property, and allow government to intrude where it has no business.

These regulations must be repealed.

The proper and honest role of government is not every role.

It has a role to insure that freedom and justice is found throughout the land.

We were a province that used to boast the strongest and most diverse economy in our country.

Now it shuts down small businesses and farms under the weight of over-regulation.

The cost of doing business in this province drives business out.

It’s not that our businesses can’t compete.

Rather, our government prevents them from being competitive with costly red tape...

We have built a regime of countless review boards and commissions through which faceless bureaucrats dressed in quasi-legal robes hand down “kangaroo” verdicts that suffocate our natural rights as individuals, and extend false privileges to collective bodies.

Our legal system must prevent injustice not create injustice...

The PC Party cannot simply disguise itself as a Liberal Party lookalike, holding a different coloured shovel while digging the same hole and expect Ontarians to choose us and not the Liberals...

My campaign will be driven by ideas and ideals, while being anchored by the three central principles of Freedom, Justice, and Democracy.

Freedom strengthens commerce, creativity, industry, education, and the most important element of our society -– the family.

When the rights of government overtake the rights of the farmer, the worker, the doctor, or the parent, all of society suffers.

As Premier I will immediately introduce the Freedom of Association & Conscience Act, an act to protect the rights of the individual to not be compelled or coerced into actions or associations that that they find objectionable.

We’ve created private monopolized and special interest governments such as the Ontario Medical Association and Law Society of Upper Canada.

We compel people to join business and industry associations that collect dues but do not represent them, and we provide no protection for freedom of conscience.

Justice is only just when it is truly blind.

When the law is applied unequally -– and absent of due process -– the law can become an instrument of harm rather than justice.

One of the worst examples of this has been the Ontario Human Rights Commission and other quasi-tribunals.

As Premier, I’ll make sure those violating human rights appear before real judges in real courts, where civil rights and due process are not distorted by the balance of probabilities.

The Human Rights Commission and other quasi-tribunals will be rendered redundant under my government...

Read the whole speech.

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Finally, a politician that can lead us to the promise land.

Posted by: Jason | 2009-03-30 9:46:14 AM

Hillier is an excellent candidate. I look forward to watching his campaign.

Posted by: Matthew Johnston | 2009-03-30 10:57:58 AM

I am glad to read that Randy Hillier will take one the lying bullies of the Ontario Human Rights Commission.
However, for the benefit of non-Ontarians Catholics get funding for their schools--something denied to other religions. I favour one and only one non-sectarian school system getting government money. The last time I voted for a candidate of one of Ontario's three major political parties was 1977. Under no circumstances will I vote for a candidate unless he/she is publicly committed to abolishing Catholic school funding.

Posted by: Barry Kendall | 2009-03-30 7:39:21 PM

Anyone know if Hillier writes his own speeches? This is fantastic stuff.

Posted by: Kalim Kassam | 2009-03-30 8:17:27 PM

Barry, I favour no schools getting government money. Forget about public monopoly healthcare, that's the real third rail of politics in this country. Who apart from the Libertarian Party and and a minority of home education activist opposes this government monopoly. Where is the "free-market libertarian" Fraser Institute on this statist sham?

Posted by: Kalim Kassam | 2009-03-30 8:22:20 PM

Every speech I have ever delivered was authored by myself today's was no diffrerent, and I have no plans to change.
Eliminate the OHRC and OHRT and protect Human Rights in Real courts is my message.
Randy Hillier

Posted by: randy Hillier | 2009-03-30 8:46:38 PM

"Who apart from the Libertarian Party and and a minority of home education activist opposes this government monopoly"
If your in Ontario, try The Freedom Party

Posted by: zee | 2009-03-30 9:32:21 PM

Randy Hillier sounds like a real libertarian-leaning Conservative. This is a potentially exciting candidacy for Ontario. Does anyone (and Mr. Hillier, feel free to add your thoughts on this) know Hillier's positions and policy alternatives regarding Prohibition and The War on Drugs?

Posted by: Marc Scott Emery | 2009-03-30 9:33:25 PM

Hillier's cool. I may just renew my membership and vote for the guy. I still remember the tractors in downtown Toronto - I loved it. The first protest that blocked traffic that I actually stood and watched and applauded. 100% Canadian.

Posted by: Realist | 2009-03-30 9:55:03 PM


Great question. If I can find the opportunity, I'll ask him and report back here.

Posted by: Kalim Kassam | 2009-03-30 10:39:49 PM

Mr. Hillier,

I just noticed that you had visited our comment thread. Perhaps I won't have to wait to bump into you at a campaign event to ask you some questions.

I really enjoyed reading your beautiful speech full of beautiful ideas. I'm sorry I wasn't there to hear it delivered by you.

With your clarification, I think I now understand your position on the OHRC. You would abolish these quasi-judicial bodies. The courts can and should uphold real human rights like the right to life, liberty and property. Yes?

I'm also curious about Marc's question about the laws and enforcement issues around drug prohibition. As a propertarian and believer in the rule of law, there must be issues in this area which are of concern to you such as asset seizures and the individual's right to control his own body.

I hear many people (even within your party) call you a kook or a hypocrite. What do you think motivates this?

What do you consider the biggest mistake you have made in your political life?

Posted by: Kalim Kassam | 2009-03-31 1:57:15 AM

Wish we had someone in B.C. like this. I would certainly vote for him. What we have out here is not very much. Mr. Hillier sounds as if he remembers what it is to be a real outspoken man who is ready to take the heat. Good luck to him.

Posted by: Ezra Fan | 2009-04-01 2:00:29 PM

An inspiring politician? I can only hope that you keep this up. If you are able to transform politics in Ontario maybe there is hope for the rest of the country. I just hope that the leadship contest and the ensuing election can contain real ideas and not partisan attacks.

Posted by: J Dyck | 2009-04-08 10:29:12 AM

J Dyck: Thus far, only Hillier has released policies. Hillier seems interested in talking policy, and proposing it, while the rest, at the moment, are talking about non-concrete issues like who can "lead"?

I share your hope that this leadership election will turn on substance.

Posted by: P.M. Jaworski | 2009-04-08 10:45:02 AM

he'll never win

women will vote against this man in droves

smaller government? the protection of individual rights? A premier who might challenge the hitherto unassailable HRCs that house the barbara halls of the world?

it'll never fly with that half of the population that seemingly never grows up

Posted by: bk | 2009-04-16 5:37:14 AM

Well, well... I have renounced voting conservative at the federal level since Harper's last cop-out budget, but I might consider the option at the provincial level. Actually, I might even join this party.

Posted by: Pierre-Yves | 2009-04-21 6:14:30 PM

Wow if he wins that would be such a massive turn around in thinking for that province (for the better of course). I look forward to reports on how he is doing and wish him the best.

Posted by: Ross Mann | 2009-05-13 7:46:46 AM

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