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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Frank Klees to enter the PCPO leadership race

Yesterday I attended the founding of a PC Youth Association in Hamilton and was somewhat surprised to see Frank Klees, the provincial member from Newmarket-Auroa, also attending the founding meeting. There has been a rumour that Frank Klees would run for the leadership ever since John Tory stepped down. After listening to him speak, I am now willing to give credence to those rumours. He did not mention the leadership race directly but he made a leadership like speech, claiming that the next leader of the party will be the next premier.

After the meeting I called a few friends who I thought might know more, and they confirmed my suspicion. I am now willing to assert with a high level of certainty that Tim Hudak, Christian Elliott, Randy Hillier, and now Frank Klees are going to be the leadership contenders.

Though I have not yet decided who to support, I welcome Frank Klees to the race. In the last leadership contest he was bold enough to propose healthcare reform in the direction of two tier health care. I expect and hope that Frank Klees will once again contribute to a positive debate on policy. It is that sort of debate that this party needs to rebuild and reenergise.

I fear that this leadership race may be a missed opportunity for the PC Party to rebuild and rebrand itself. After two disastrous leaders we need a leadership race that will bring as all together in a grand debate about the future of the party. Though sadly we don’t have enough time to do it properly, the more candidates that participate the greater the party renewal shall be.

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My vote goes to the most right-wing. Can anybody give me the rundown on who that is and why?

Posted by: John | 2009-03-29 10:00:39 PM

Klees is okay. He's a little slick and used car salesman-like. But he's probably the best they have. No one will vote for Hudak. Frankly, I don't see too many bright lights in this party. I do give them credit for opposing the harmonized tax hike - it's a winning issue.

Posted by: Realist | 2009-03-29 10:28:32 PM

Klees was on Charles McVety's show tonight and all but declared. McVety endorsed him as well. That should be enough to make any libertarian's skin crawl.

Posted by: Dan | 2009-03-30 1:16:46 AM

If you want to vote for the most right wing, and outspoken man in the leadership race, it would be Randy Hillier, the former president of the Landowners association. This man stands up for what he believes in, and is not scared to say what he thinks. For more info, go to his websites.
It is a big relief that they will finally replace Tory and put a real winner like Mike Harris back in power. Your best bet is Frank Klees, Randy Hillier, or Tim Hudak.

Posted by: Arie | 2009-04-06 7:34:38 PM

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