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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Obama condoms vs. McCain condoms

Obamacondoms_2 Yes, you read that right -- Obama condoms.

The Associated Press reports:

An entrepreneur has decided to have fun with the U.S. presidential campaign by marketing condoms featuring images of the candidates, Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain.

Benjamin Sherman, who created the company Practice Safe Policy, says the Obama condom carries the slogan "Use With Good Judgment."

The McCain version says "Old But Not Expired" - a reference to the candidate's relatively old age of 71. According to the Web site, McCain condoms are battle-tested, strong and durable, for those occasions when "you just need to switch your position"!

While the company can't guarantee the condoms are 100 percent effective, it says it's certain that without wearing one, there's likely to be an Obama-Mama in your future.

Here, meanwhile, is the image for the McCain condoms:


And the marvels of capitalism continue...

UPDATE: Here's even more political coverage:


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Posted by: dand | 2008-11-20 3:58:40 AM

Really, I'm not sure how funny this is supposed to be. I'm a free market capitalist through and through, but this exposes the flaw of relying exclusively on markets for our moral guidelines. Simply because people will buy something is not sufficient reason on its own that that something should be made.

To put yet another twist on that old saw, it makes me think that the market system is the worst thing out there, except for the other economic systems. Such thoughts I find to be quite sobering.

Posted by: Charles Martin Cosgriff | 2008-11-20 9:49:04 AM

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