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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Canada's top 25 political blogs: Shotgun at #4

Top25_button_nov_2008_2 Robert Jago, who blogs here at the Shotgun as well as on his own blog, has put together the Top 25 list for the month of November. Alas, we have dropped from our top spot to number four this month.

That's a bit of a shame. We really enjoyed being the number one political blog in Canada. For a month.

There was a bit of controversy last month because Michael Geist was not included (his inclusion would have put us at number two). He's included in this month's list. Mark Steyn, meanwhile, is back to blogging full-time, so his traffic numbers are up again. Meanwhile, our dogged battle with Small Dead Animals continues, and Kate & co. managed to beat us this month, but just barely.

All things considered, fourth place is a good place, and we're happy about it. Thanks for visiting our blog, for participating, and for sharing our blog posts on your blogs, websites, or through your email lists.


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