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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Filibuster: Sneeze fallout

Why isn't J.J. McCullough being featured in newspapers across the country? His cartoons are incredible. We're lucky to count him as the Western Standard's cartoonist. If you want to publish J.J.'s cartoons, visit his website and shoot him an email. Tell him the Western Standard sent you.

I think it's time this young man got a lot more credit and publicity for his outstanding cartoons.

Here's his latest:


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Excellent cartoon and probably too true!
Canadians should realize that Yes this is going to affect them and No, the CPC isn't holding the smokin' gun and Probably more people should live within their means

Ahh...what's the point... it's all been said before. Go ahead ...stew in it!

Posted by: inquest | 2008-10-07 7:19:31 PM

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