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Monday, September 08, 2008

Some thoughts on David Duchovny's sex addiction

By now it is no longer news that actor David Duchovny is in rehab for his sex addiction, but I’ve been meaning to comment on this story, so here goes:

First, it should not be much of a surprise that Duchovny, the narrator of Showtime’s soft-core porn series Red Shoe Diaries and the star of Californication, likes sex. Maybe it wasn’t a surprise.

Second, I’m not sure perfectly controllable behaviour, like the decision to have sex, should be considered an addiction or an illness. Just stop doing it, even if it’s difficult.

Third, is Duchovny really sex obsessed, or just obsessed with having sex with women other than his attractive Hollywood wife Tea Leoni? My guess is that Duchovny has been caught in one too many infidelities and is using this “sex addiction” thing as cover. Or are we really expected to believe that his wife just grew tired of his endless sexual advances toward her or his chronic masturbation and decided to send him to therapy and force him to make an embarrassing pubic statement about it? Nope. Duchovny likes "strange ass," as the kids say, and this sex addiction therapy nonsense was his wife’s ultimatum. I’m willing to bet on it.

Fourth, the only thing keeping most men from having multiple sexual encounters with beautiful strangers is opportunity and self control...but mostly opportunity. So the rich, famous and handsome – all of which creates opportunity -- Duchovny should just spend more time at home with his wife and children and limit the opportunities for infidelity, especially if he has no impulse control.

Like my recent advice on syphilis, this to is free. Of course, you get what you pay for in life.

Posted by Matthew Johnston

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Boy, this sure makes my troubles seem insignificant.

Posted by: dp | 2008-09-08 10:22:53 PM

That was the most ignorant piece of information I have ever read, surprising not that you could post online as there is no censor, more surprising that someone with such a low IQ and ability to think could actually be literate. Hooray for the short bus my friend. Glad to see you have won the gold in the special Olympics of being a jackass.

Posted by: OMG | 2008-09-10 2:07:45 AM

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