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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back in Ontario... John Tory dumps Bill Murdoch

The Ontario PCs (Remember them? Don't worry, neither does anyone else) are trying to get in on the gaffe-a-thon that almost every major federal political party has been having this month.

It seems that John Tory's problems just won't stop. I wrote a bit very early this year about PC Party infighting over Tory's leadership review. But apparently the fightin's not over yet.

Last week Bill Murdoch, MPP for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, said in a radio interview that Tory should take folks up on offers for job interviews he receives and that he had lost faith in Tory's leadership. After refusing to take back his comments and say that Tory is a good leader, he was turfed from PCPO caucus.

Murdoch has subsequently received widespread support for standing up to Tory and for his reinstatement to caucus, while Tory has been attacked (Or not, depending on if you listen to Tory or the Canadian Press. Tough choice, that one.) for removing the veteran MPP from his team.

But wait! There's more.

Anyone who thrives on the juicy, juicy drama that comes with any political infighting can't ignore the mixed messages coming on the support within caucus for Murdoch. While Frank Klees says that there was unanimous support for removing Murdoch from caucus, "sources" (pesky things that they are) and Murdoch estimate that there was not only a split, but a significant one - 50/50 for turfing him for publicly ridiculing the leader of his party.

Those are big numbers, folks. Unfortunately for Tory, it doesn't seem that even almost complete invisibility on the provincial stage gives him enough room to heal the wounds in his party.

As for Murdoch, he says that while he is willing to sit as an Indy, he expects there will be a Conservative spot waiting for him when the Legislature resumes. Let's hope he's right. If there's one thing Ontario needs, it's real political discourse that leaves ordinary people asking the right questions about those who are supposed to be (or would like to be) governing them.

And finally, just for my own amusement - and yours, check out this shamelessly pro-Murdoch, anti-Tory story that must be spread for its heartlessly blunt (and therefore hilarious) title alone.

UPDATE: It's been brought to my attention that Murdoch is no longer suspended from caucus - he's out.

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If the rest of the caucus would follow Bill's lead they could form a new party and leave Tory as a leader without a seat of a party without a seat.

Posted by: Swift | 2008-09-19 9:42:53 AM

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