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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Shotgun: Top 25 in Canada


From out of nowhere, The Shotgun gets listed in the number 13 spot for Canadian political blogs.

Posted by P.M. Jaworski on July 2, 2008 in Western Standard | Permalink


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Mostly conservatives on this blog as most liberals or ndp can't think for themselves and actually believe the crap they are being fed by Gore/Suzuki faithfull. Let's keep up the good work.

Posted by: peterj | 2008-07-02 10:58:16 PM

What is Canada Teaching the Young by
Awarding Morgentaler the Order of Canada?
July first, 2008, is a day that will live in infamy for Canadians who value human life and who are conscious of the direction our nation is heading. The awarding of the order of Canada to Henry Morgentaler, infamous abortionist and propagandist for abortion, is a shame to our nation. The awarding is sad because of what it says about the supposed Canadian elite who chose Morgentaler as a recipient, and it is also sad for what it teaches young Canadians now living and will teach to Canadians yet unborn.“The law is a teacher.” Recently the parliament of Canada, by the recognition of same-sex “marriage,” taught that such a union could be equivalent to marriage between a man and a woman. It was not long before we were being told by activists that the acceptance of same-sex marriage was one of the essential Canadian values. Government is a teacher by other actions besides making laws, and the act of the Governor General, encouraged by her advisors, in awarding membership in the nation’s highest order to this prominent abortionist, is teaching a false and very harmful lesson. We are told on the Governor General’s website* that this abortionist was awarded the honour for “his commitment to increased health care options for women, his determined efforts to influence Canadian public policy and his leadership in humanist and civil liberties organizations.” This means that the promotion of abortion is being singled out as a noble pursuit, that by implication Morgentaler’s breaking of the law is being held up for admiration, and that he is being treated as a noble example to be emulated by generations of Canadians yet to come.
The wanton killing of unborn babies is a greater tragedy by far than the mere awarding of the Order of Canada to this man, but the tragedy of abortion is compounded by his official recognition by Canada, a recognition that is a poisonous lesson for the youth of our land.By raising our voices in protest against the dishonour towards our nation inflicted on this year’s Canada Day, perhaps we can help to counter the false teaching of the Morgentaler award.
* at http://www.gg.ca/media/doc.asp?lang=e&DocID=5447
(The comment above was previously posted on www.bcptl.org and www.socialconservatives.ca .)

Posted by: Ted Hewlett | 2008-07-03 12:56:05 AM

The Chief Justice Beverly Mclauchlin also heads the Order of Canada selection panel.

Canadians now clearly understand where abortion issues sit in the minds of Canada's Supremes.

Who dare say Capital Punishment is dead in Canada?

An "Order Of Canada" recipient, will be Canada's state honoured fetus executioner henceforth.

Some Canadian Value, eh?

Way to go GG and Beverly and the band of Canadian 'Elites'.

Posted by: Joe Molnar | 2008-07-03 6:28:13 AM

...there's more than 25 blogs in Canada?

Posted by: tomax7 | 2008-07-04 12:19:26 PM

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