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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Michaelle Jean, Quebec broadcaster, to be new G-G

The Monarchist League circulated an e-mail earlier, this evening, and released this, here, and see here, for more.

UPDATE:    The office is important. It's constitutional. The Governor-General is the Queen's representative -- the vice-regal representative of Canada's head of state.

For the most part, despite her politics and that of her husband, G-G Clarkson has done a lot of good with the office. At times she has over-stepped the bounds of the office as in claiming to be the Commander-in-Chief of the Canadian Armed Forces -- that belongs to the Queen, or appearing at the D-Day commemoration on Canada's behalf when our head of state -- the Queen -- was already there as Queen of Canada.

My concern with any appointment to the office is this: Will the appointee serve as a faithful representative of Her Majesty, the Queen? Will the appointee understand that she is not the head of state, but the vice-regal "stand-in" for the Queen of Canada?

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Oh, multiculteral, gender unbiased, whoever heard (in RoC) of this person, pity she's not also a Muslim, dear:

"Haitian-born Quebecker to be Canada's next governor-general"

'“Canadians are going to fall in love with this woman,” said a source. “There is no other word to describe her than inspirational. She is extraordinary.”'

What Liberal contempt for Canada.

If Michaelle Jean is to be the next Governor General, logic suggests that Don Newman should be the next Prime Minister.

I'd prefer the ghost of Normie Kwong.


Posted by: Mark Collins | 2005-08-03 8:01:36 PM

2 in a row for the CBC!

Posted by: CharLeBois | 2005-08-03 8:21:28 PM

The position of Governor-General is now an anachronism. Abolish the pretense; down with Rideau Hall; down with the position of Governor-General.

Enough is enough.

Down with AdScam Martin & the Librano$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-08-03 8:40:36 PM

Mark Collins

Please explain why this choice of GG demonstrates Liberal contempt for Canada. Is it because its a choice made by the Liberals? If so. your comments have no merit. A little more intelligent analysis.

Posted by: Robert | 2005-08-03 8:54:39 PM

WTF? Who cares what her race is? Would you care if it was Thomas Sowell? Walter Williams? Bill Cosby? (I presume some of my fellow bloviators also read the Western Standard.)

I mean really. This is what drives otherwise meritocratic citizens nuts about elitism, left & right. Hello? It's about politics, not race!

Will you tell the racists (on both sides), or shall I?

Posted by: Tony | 2005-08-03 9:17:42 PM

Queen Adrienne Replaced: CBC Holds Onto Power
If this is true, that PmPm has picked a Kaybecker for the next GG, then bully for him.

It’s about time, after all.

You see, it’s Kaybeck’s “turn” to be GG, because it hasn’t had the post in, apparently, eons.

Mind you, Kaybeck has had every prime minister for, heck, eons, but who’s counting?

Albertans (now why in the world would those nice folks that subsidize provinces like Kaybeck want to separate I’ll never know) may be shut out this time – again -- but it’s good to see that the Canuckian Broadcorping Castration extends its majestral (it should be a word, even if it ain’t) streak to two, count ‘em, two in a row!! Queen Adrienne used to host some irrelevant show back in the day for MotherCorp, and apparently this one does too.

What’s her name again?

Clearly another step forward for Canada, and another big tick of some box for CBC.

To you PmPm, we say... way to go. Maybe this one might read up on her responsibilities to deal with constitutional matters such as, for instance, governments losing the confidence of Parliament?

What? And risk CBC being turfed into the sea by that mean, nasty, scary Harper dude??

Parrish the thought.

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-08-03 9:29:50 PM

Thank God it wasn't anyone from Al-birda. Canada does have an image to uphold, after all, and ten-gallon hats and lonesome cow-poke art wouldn't look good at Rideau Hall.

Posted by: Ti-Guy | 2005-08-03 9:49:03 PM

Hey, it's a worthless post. Its main task is to be seen and not heard. What better post for a living symbol.

It's like the Potemkin Village. Putting a non-white into that position is an attempt to disguise the fact that Canada is a very racist society. Trust me, it won't work. But it gives liberals and others something to boast about, despite being totally worthless.

I wonder if this poor woman knows she's being used by the corporations to mollify relations between non-whites and the rest of society. Multiculturalism is nothing more than a cheap investment in control - for a few million dollars, a few parades and some cheap words about tolerance, the corporations are able to fill jobs whites don't want with a passive labor force of non-whites. While she enjoys the publicity, her "peeps" get to toil while whites live the good life.

Posted by: Scott | 2005-08-03 10:03:48 PM

The post of Governor General is very important. The Vice-Regent is not just a figurehead. This position is literally the Crown.

All of our laws are represented and based in the concept and tradition of the British Crown.

The Vice-Regent is the Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces and has the power to disolve both houses of our Bicameral Constitutional Monarchy.

Haiti is one of the worst countries in the world.

Haiti could be like Jamaica but has never had the British tradition.

Haiti, once a French possession, was so abused by the French that the slaves revolted and massacred them.

Posted by: Speller | 2005-08-03 10:23:20 PM

well at least we can take some comfort in the fact that poor John Raulston Saul will have to go back to being just a terrible author. His job as the GG's tag along are officially over.

I hope Michaëlle Jean realizes (and is comfortable) with the fact she's being used as a pawn in PMPM's game to win votes. I can just see the Lieberal strategists now, sitting in the war room checking off all the voting demographics they've shored up with this appointment (Women - check! Minorities - check! Quebecers - Double check!) Now all Paul has to do is appoint a couple of token "conservatives" to the senate and the election is all but won ;) (Western alienation - checkmate!)

Posted by: John Brown | 2005-08-03 11:16:29 PM

Speller, with respects you better read up on the duties of the GG.Herr Martin IS the GG, and every Prime Minister since 1942 has been GG. The powers of the GG were taken away from the office and given to the PM, why didn't Adrienne Baby order Herr Martin to submit his own none confidence vote when he lost the first one. He would have ordered Adrienne Baby to fire himself, as he would have surely lost the vote. The GG's office can only do what the Prime Minister agrees or tells the office to do. This whole GG's office has been a huge cruel joke forced on Canadians, and I think the reason why the Anglos will not agree to sit as GG is that they refuse to go along wigh the RUSE that is the GG's office. The lucky GG gets to live like Bill Gates for up to seven years, and the only power the GG has is to hire it's own staff and to increase the office budget if so desired as Adrienne Baby did. So lets read up on some history and get the real facts about this sham of a GG's office. Herr Martin has more power than any other leader in the world, and he is not even a BENEVELENT DICTATOR, otherwise he would not watch his citizens dying in the health care line ups, and we would have a defense to defend against incoming terrorist missile attacks. He wont't even sign on to the Amererican plan, which the Americans will pay all the freight. He expects Bush to phone him and ask permission for the USA to shoot down an appoaching missile that would be headed to any city in the US ORRR Kanada. The fact that the Furehor is not defending the citizens makes him a traitor, as he is forcing the US to defend us, and calling them down for doing so. And now with the enemy having missiles that can be launched from 4,000 miles or off neutral looking freighters,( Al Quida are reported to have 50 freighters) or submarines, and yet we have no defense. Herr Martin seems to me to be a sychopath without a meaning, except to advance the cause of the Libarano$ and his own Shipping Co. but to hell with Canadians. Don't try and figure out why the miniuns vote for him, they are either blind or on the take, however we will see come election time. He sure did a good job for himself appointing his old friends to the Senate, and though they are saying two are Conservative,like hell they are, they are not Conservative, but PROGRESSIVE Conservative, which are Librano lite. Good place Kanada for money launderors, terrorists, the drug cartel and immigrant wanna be Governor Generals, especially if they work for the CBC, the "B" Dept. of Govt.

Stephen Parksville BC ww 2 vet.

Posted by: StephenMichaud | 2005-08-03 11:20:33 PM

The ceremonial post of head of state, separate from head of government, is not useless; why would practically every half-decent democracy in the world bother to have one?

It's like the Potemkin Village. Putting a non-white into that position is an attempt to disguise the fact that Canada is a very racist society. Trust me, it won't work. But it gives liberals and others something to boast about, despite being totally worthless.

Ah, it'll probably work as well as it ever does; in fact, better since this one doesn't have the political baggage that no force on Earth can stop certain people from complaining endlessly about.

Anyway, what makes you think the choice of a woman wasn't an attempt to disguise the fact that Canada is a very mysogynist country? I guess the only non-hypocritical choice would have been a while male...from the West, no doubt. But, unfortunately, convention calls for a francophone this time.

In any case, that choice would have just been the central government sticking it to the white males, and, for the rest of us, the high-dudgeon would have sounded exactly the same, no?

...so, in the end...~yawn~

Posted by: Ti-Guy | 2005-08-03 11:21:37 PM

Ti guy: Where do you get the idea that it is Quebecs turn. Clarkson was not born in Kanada so how can they say it is Quebecs turn? Any Province could have had a "turn" if Adriense baby was born overseas. Did you get sucked in to that "it's Quebecs turn"? It is Quebecs turn when Martin decides whether it is Quebecs turn or not. How many Quebec Prime Ministers have we had, and how many Quebecers are heading the beaurocracies of the Govt. Especially the meaningful portfolios. I thought Clarkson had migrated to Kanada, not a "Province"?. However it is a job for a "puppet", Herr Martin gets to do the paper work, and the GG gets to wear the phoney medals, and smile at the cameras and do and say nothing that is meaningful and spend all kinds of money. Boy for a Haitian, she must think that she has died and gone to heaven. This GG's office is no less than a cruel joke. Get used to it, it is here to stay as long as we have the Dictator, Dictatiing to us. Manning wanted to change all that, but the CBC said NO.
Stephen Parksville BC ww 2 vet.

Posted by: StephenMichaud | 2005-08-04 12:20:00 AM

Martin's arrogance is boundless. From a purely political standpoint, he could have won over a few Conservatives with the appointment of Preston Manning. But then, why would Manning accept? His work at the Frasier Institute matters.

Posted by: rosemarie59 | 2005-08-04 6:03:32 AM

Twice in a row from the CBC to Rideau Hall. I guess all the hard work at the broadcast arm of the Liberal Party does pay off.

Let's get rid of the position. The GG cannot really make the PM do anything any more and even if the GG could, it is a position appointed by the PM so it is not very likley that you would put in anyone that had differing views and a spine to back them up. The PM and various ministers do not work so hard that they do not have time to open hospital wings, etc. or to fly off to funerals for dead foreign dictators that you need someone just for those jobs.

As for the real functions of State, what skill does it take to read the government's wish list for the speech from the Throne (now the CBC connection makes sense - rattling off Liberal BS with a straight-face may indeed be a skill that requires the experience gained at the CBC) and as for Royal Assent for laws, the SSM bill was signed into law by the Chief Justice while Adrienne was busy queue jumping to get her pacemaker, so the GG really isn't needed for that job.

Tradition is nice, but a tradition based on subservience to a foreign hereditary monarch does not sense, especially when the majority of the population of this country originated from countries that were not willing subjects of the English Crown.

Posted by: Cranky or Just a Crank | 2005-08-04 6:13:07 AM

"Putting a non-white into that position is an attempt to disguise the fact that Canada is a very racist society"

I don't know what racist society you speak of, but if you have been to most any other country in the world you will find Canada to be one of the few places where racism is not tolerated. Racism exists, but to say Canada is a racist society is a bafflingly stupid thing to say.

As for the GG being another elitist (because she is distinguished and learned), who the hell else do you want as a figure head? Joe from the trailer park? I certainly want our best and brightest representing my beloved country.

Once again this site has revealed how moronic its readers are. Myself included for wasting another moment of my life on attempting to open the eyes of a bunch of cranky old white guys who are sad they don’t get to be GG anymore.

Posted by: Gamblog | 2005-08-04 6:26:05 AM

Is the Western Standard really going to leave proudredneck's comment sitting up there for the world to see on its blog?

Posted by: Chris Selley | 2005-08-04 7:18:18 AM

Ah, but Gamblog, Rascism IS tolerated in Canada. We tolerate you don't we?

Quoting Gamblog from July 21, 2005 The Shotgun
Nova Scotia to implement education reform for black students

["Yes it is far better for people to ignore their heritige and history and just accept WHITIES version. It is far better for people to drift along with no identity and no reason to be proud of who they are.


Posted by: Gamblog | July 21, 2005 01:31 PM]

How do you like using WHITIE'S language, on WHITIE'S computers, with WHITIE'S internet technology?

By the way, Gamblog, you do realize that WHITIE is a RASCIST perjorative term.

Posted by: Speller | 2005-08-04 7:37:46 AM

The position of G-G is, as head of state, supposed to be held by an individual who has worked towards and achieved, by some measureable criteria, the well-being of the majority of Canadians.

It is a national position, it is an honorary position, it is an awarded position, and should be based, therefore, on accountable merit. By accountable merit, I mean non-political; a government's patronage appointments must be made with integrity, i.e., by the use of non-partisan standards and for no partisan political agenda.

These non-partisan standards, in the case of the G-G, must be for work done by that individual for 'national committment', for 'national achievements', whether in politics, law, economics, education, science, medicine etc. There are plenty of Canadian individuals whose lifetime work has been non-partisan, has been national and has indeed showed extraordinary commitment to the well-being of citizens.

Ms Jean fits none of these criteria. It is trivial and irrelevant to divert criticism of this choice to her being 'ethnic', 'non-white', 'a woman', even to her being 'Quebecois'..blah blah. That's all trivia and obfuscates and hides what should be the basic criticism of this choice of her as G-G. The criticism? She doesn't fit what should be a standard for a patronage appointment of this stature; namely, a lifetime work towards the betterment of the well-being of the majority of Canadians. As I said - there are many in Canada who have worked over their lives, in their fields, -whether in medicine, politics, literature, science, law, education etc..whose work has made profound contributions to the well-being of people.

So- what are Ms Jean's qualifications???? None of the above. She's a local broadcaster. So what? There are lots of local broadcasters and journalists and sports writers and national news reporters. So what? There's absolutely NO DIFFERENCE in qualifications between any of them..well, a lot of them are far more knowledgeable than Ms Jean. Far more knowledgeable. And a lot of them speak many languages as well. Hey- there's Chantal Hebert, there's Andrew Coyne, there's Irshad Manji, there's Don Cherry, there's Peter Worthington, there...and so on. But - do any of them have that criterion of a lifetime of work resulting in demonstrable improvements in the well-being of many Canadians...such as would be found in a lifetime of work in law, in economics, in science, in medicine, in politics etc. No. So- they can be awarded OTHER acknowledgements of their status. National Newspaper Awards, Order of Canada, etc, etc.

So- what was this position appointment really about? Remember - forget the trivia. Don't even mention the 'non-white', female irrelevancies. The appointment was made, as are ALL LIBERAL actions - for one purpose only. Votes for Power.

The agenda is for the Montreal city votes in the next election. That's what it's all about. The Liberals figure they could lose the rural votes, the outside Montreal votes, which will go to the Bloc. But, Montreal has usually been Liberal and the Gomery has badly damaged that Montreal base. This appointment is for both the ethnic votes - which are ALL in Montreal (how's that for a diverse province...all the ethnics are only found in Montreal; they aren't welcome elsewhere in the province)...AND - it's for the Montreal city votes.

It's all about Liberal Power. Nothing else.

Posted by: ET | 2005-08-04 8:27:01 AM

I just read the comments this morning and noted the post by "proudredneck", whose e-mail address is purported to be markcollin@hotmail.com.

I think this is a crude forgery -- I know Mark Collins (with an s) well enough to know that he wouldn't write such a thing.

If someone were to write those words, in his own name, I would be comfortable leaving the comment up to be rebutted by the common sense of the rest of our commenters -- although the opinion would not represent my own nor that of the magazine, it would be part of what is generally a wide-ranging debate on our blog, where we have a bias towards free speech and will even allow offensive speech within reason.

However, since this post is a clumsy attempt to say offensive things in another person's name, I will ask our blog administrators to take it down and bar any more posts from that IP address.

Posted by: Ezra Levant | 2005-08-04 8:30:26 AM

Well from what I gather she is a socialist, Not born in Canada, speaks french, is a visible minority, a woman and from quebec thus a perfect liberal.

While walking by the globe and mails boxes this am her quotes on the front page neglected to mention the word canada. Imagine.

Gamblog we are a racist country! If you are white you need 115 points to get a job at the RCMP if you are the governor general you need a mere 86 based solely on your race.

What is that if not racism? Should I make you some coffee!

Posted by: ghollingshead | 2005-08-04 10:25:39 AM

I am not a supporter of the Liberal Party, but I think that this is a pretty good appointment.

The role of the GG is largely ceremonial and it is appropriate that the person filling the job be someone with professional qualifications as a communicator.

As an aside, one can only assume that the next GG will be anglophone and male. Peter Mansbridge must be quaking in his boots with anticipation.

Posted by: Two Cents | 2005-08-04 10:30:59 AM

Ezra: Good grief. Thank you very much for catching this. I certainly have never made a post under the name "proudredneck" and the use of my e-mail address (almost) is fraudulent.

My post on this thread (the first) is certainly acerbic (I may have been attempting to be Steyn-like, likely unsuccessfully) but the target was Martin and the Liberals, not GG-designate Jean personally. She is but a pawn in their game.

In any event, her selection certainly strikes me as profiling, which I thought was a Bad Thing.


Posted by: Mark Collins | 2005-08-04 10:35:46 AM

Two Cents: But what about poor Don Newman who actually has politico/governmental expertise (supposedly)?

And I believe Newman is a least semi-bilingual while Mansbridge is pur laine anglophone.


Posted by: Mark Collins | 2005-08-04 10:39:05 AM

Quebexico and the CBJihad strike again, to help balance out of the distribution of power in Canuckistan. Clarkson did as she was told during our recent Parliamentary fraud and did nothing on behalf of the electorate; she kept herself ceremonial. We should all expect quite a lot more of the same from this Quebexican.

The GG selection is a perfect message to the RoC: Did you say something?

It is also a perfect message to the West: Quit complaining and begin in earnest to separate.

Let's roll!

Posted by: wharold | 2005-08-04 10:43:24 AM

A young black woman, in a person on the street interview just shown on CBC Newsworld, approved of Ms. Jean's selection because she is "African American".

Canada's sovereignty is under threat again.


Posted by: Mark Collins | 2005-08-04 11:10:14 AM

As I've said - her ethnicity should not be a factor in the choice. A genuinely non-racist society would ignore ethnicity, religion, etc and focus only on merit.
There are only two qualifications for the position, derived from the nature of the position. It is a national position because that individual is nominally head of state and must authorize all decisions, appointments, etc. It is a supreme position because that individual's authority is supreme in the country. Therefore, it is not simply ceremonial and the criteria should not be 'can you communicate' and therefore, have attended journalism school, nor 'can you dress well' and have attended Ms Manner's School of Etiquette. It is a legal position.

Therefore, with these two qualifications - national and supreme authority - the individual chosen should have those qualifications. They should have already displayed contributions to the society as a nation; and these contributions should be of superior quality.

Ms Jean has neither qualification. Therefore, the appointment was made without integrity and was strictly partisan. It has one agenda - for the ethnic vote in Montreal and elsewhere in the country..and for the Montreal vote. It's all about power.

We have no integrity and we, the electorate, have no control over our government - which is an oligarchy. Canada is not a democracy.

Posted by: ET | 2005-08-04 11:17:00 AM

It's funny how many of these gripes contradict each other -- you complain that the GG post is just political, and then complain that the post isn't political enough (in challenging Martin); you complain (as if to remind yourselves) that race isn't the issue, and then mention her race as a tag-on gripe in every other complaint; you complain that the GG doesn't represent Canada enough, and then complain when the GG represents Canada instead of a British-born, Angligan (by law) foreigner; you complain that the position should represent Canada, and then complain that a Canadian from Quebec can't do so. Maybe you all just like to complain a lot.

Grumble grumble grumble.

Personally, I'd love it if Canada dumped the Brits, made the GG head of state, electable, and gave her all portfolios associated with Canadian culture. Make her the figurative head of Canadian culture and the literal head of Canadian cultural policy (with lots of advice from good little liberal ministers). If it's a 7 year post, it won't interfere with election jostling. India did as much and stayed in the Commonwealth. Isn't it our turn to stop pretending we're a colony?


Posted by: Gorian | 2005-08-04 11:34:02 AM

It's a well-known logical fallacy to set up premises that are at best, debatable and at worse, completely unfounded, and then argue the rest of your point based on those premises.

Your assertion that there are only "two qualifications for the position" has no merit.

I would argue that you do have a point that this is a blatantly political move, but, like...duh!

Posted by: Ti-Guy | 2005-08-04 11:41:49 AM


And you seem to complain about people who complain. Here's my complaint: In Ms. Jean's press conference today she said that she wanted to "make humanity more human". She will be able to do this, I suppose, because of her experience as a "social activist and journalist".

Well, if she can humanize Mugabe or Kim or Hamas or Al-Qaeda, then God bless her. I have a feeling though that she was talking about humanizing people like Bush, Blair, Harper and me.

Posted by: surly | 2005-08-04 12:02:13 PM

Gorian - who are you talking to?

Ti-Guy- explain how my premises are debatable and/or unfounded. The qualifications come from the position itself - which is national and, as national, the supreme authority in the nation.

It's like taking the description of 'what should an apple be'..from the apple itself; i.e., it should be a fruit, from a tree, with ..etc, etc. You take your standards of 'what is X' from the description of X. What are the standards for 'being a member of the wolf family'. The standards come from the decription of the wolf. What are the standards for being a computer engineer. They are derived from the description of computing engineering. OK?

So- I'm using logical and empirical principles in deriving my standards for the qualifications for G-G. They are derived from the position.

And no - 'duh' is not the responsible reaction to Martin's political choice. The choice of G-G is not supposed to be politically partisan. It is supposed to be a choice made with integrity, accountable to ALL citizens of the nation and not for the electoral success of ONE political party. Therefore, when Martin makes such a politically egregious choice, he should be severely criticized for abuse of power.

And that's what it is. Make no mistake. It's an abuse of power. Just as Martin abused the power of the House of Commons and refused to accept the non-confidence votes - he has abused his power to make patronage appointments - and made this appointment as a POLITICAL action, rather than as one with integrity. That's a corrupt act and it should be criticized as a corrupt partisan act.

But - watch what the MSM and twits will do; any criticism will be deflected as 'racist', anti-feminist etc. Ms Jean is irrelevant; the criticism should be against Martin and the Librano$.

Posted by: ET | 2005-08-04 12:09:17 PM

Are you really still upset that Martin ignored the minor confidence motion? He did hold another one, you know, a major one that would be recognized in the eyes of all constitutional experts (instead of just a few) and he passed that one. If he really didn't have the confidence of the House, how did he pass that one?

Similarly, if his appointment decision doesn't have the support of Canadians, than it is up to (the representatives of) Canadians to demand a change. I suspect, though, that Canadians regard the GG post lightly and look with bemused expectation at this novel and intriguing woman. What can she do with the post? We'll see. Canadians ended up really enjoying Clarkson's tenure. Will Jean be as popular? It's a hard act to follow. I suspect that most Canadians are willing to give her a shot. It's not like it's easy to screw up in the role!!


Posted by: Gorian | 2005-08-04 12:22:55 PM

Gorian, the only reason Martin passed the "real" confidence motion is that he bought Belinda Stronach with a cabinet seat. In case you were comatose during the whole Grewal Affair that could be considered illegal.

Posted by: Alex | 2005-08-04 12:45:50 PM

Gamblog is describing Gamblog: Even Gamblog knows.

"Once again this site has revealed how moronic its readers are."

Many Gamblogs:
Look into a mirror, what do you see? One image of yourself. But if you stand between two mirrors that are parallel to each other, one in front of you and one behind, you see countless images of yourself. Light rays bounce back and forth between the mirrors to create that endlessly repeated pattern

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-08-04 12:46:35 PM

Gorian? Minor confidence motion?

3 times he lost and if we had a real governor general they would have called an election. But no we had to wait until Mr Martin has time to work a few of his bribes that Reg Alcock was insulted that Inky Mark would even suggest. Part of how you fix the democratic deficit I guess.

If our democracy was functioning properly there would have been an election now. There is a good side though 36% of western canadians think that corruption is not a candian value and are considering leaving those easterners that do.

Minor bah! do they call it that on the CBC?

Posted by: ghollingshead | 2005-08-04 12:50:40 PM

Gorian - holding a second non-confidence vote is irrelevant. You can't pick and choose such votes; you have to acknowledge the vote. Martin refused to acknowledge it. That's contempt of parliament and a refusal to follow the rules. Therefore, it matters and it's not 'minor' but a major breach.
How Martin passed the second one, was by manipulation and backroom deals. That's corruption.

No, it isn't simply up to the representatives of Canadians to demand a change in Martin's appointment of G-G. By law, the House of Commons has no say in this appointment. Therefore, they cannot 'demand a change'. It is a patronage appointment, and unlike appointments in, say, the USA, it is not subject to scrutiny by the elected representatives.
Since the appointment is PURELY at the discretion of the PM's office, then, it is incumbent on the PM to behave with integrity in that action. That means that his decision MUST be made within the criteria of the office - i.e., the office of the G-G as supreme national authority. Martin did not do this; Ms Jean has no qualifications as a national authority nor as superior in her national authority. So what if she's a nice person and cute and full of good smarmy emotions and outspoken? So what? Good god, what does that have to do with the position?
Again - the position is as head of state and supreme authority in the land. Therefore, the incumbent should display some of those attributes - to have some supreme authority in their field and have contributed in a major way to the well-being of the majority of citizens of the NATION.

As for Ms Clarkson - what fuzzy warm island have you been living on? No G-G has ever been criticized as strongly and often as Clarkson- for her pompousness, her lavish spending of the taxpayers' money, her sophistry and so on. She was a disaster, and, even though she would have liked to be Queen For Life, she was a major liability. The Librano$ has to retire her.

Again - who cares about how nice and warm and fascinating Ms Jean is; that's not the point. A lot of Canadians are similar. The point is - the position is a legal position; it is head of state, and as a patronage appointment, requires that the appointment be accountable to the standard of the position. The standards are: national and supreme. She doesn't have either attribute. It was a partisan political position and should be strongly criticized. It's vote buying. It is electioneering. Can the other political parties do these kinds of vote-buing? No. Therefore, it is an outrageous abuse of electoral power.

Posted by: ET | 2005-08-04 12:52:43 PM

Gorian says, "Canadians ended up really enjoying Clarkson's tenure."

They did?

"Throughout the first few years of her term in office, Clarkson was praised as being a more modern Governor General and bringing more public attention to the office than in recent decades. Criticism soon ensued, however, regarding the way she and her office spent money. Under her tenure, the office's spending has increased almost 200%."...

"As well, in late 2003 she undertook a 19-day circumpolar "northern identity" tour to Russia, Finland, and Iceland, along with 50 other prominent Canadians which was seen as a waste of money by some of the Canadian public..."

"A poll taken late in 2003 found a majority of Canadians thought Clarkson was "too grand" for the office."


Posted by: surly | 2005-08-04 12:57:53 PM

Ewps...I forgot ET was the indefatiguable Elaine Taborsky. Broad appeal, ability to represent cultural issues rather than just wield power (which is a bit of anachronism, anyway) and possibly many other qualifications could also be argued as being necessary for the position, not just the two you make flesh by simple invocation and by which you then go on to argue that the chosen candidate is not qualified.

That just seems like basic reason to me. And I meant political as in "not bound strictly by regulation or reason", not as in "partisan" although it is that.

I suppose my goal of arguing with you on this decision would be to make you feel less distressed about it, but I'm sure that's a dead-end.

Posted by: Ti-Guy | 2005-08-04 1:02:32 PM

"make humanity more human"?

I don't speak Caring and Sharing. Can anyone here translate this into English?

As for comments about Jean not being native born - so what? Her parents' location at the time of her birth says absolutely nothing about Jean herself. If she is a lousy choice for GG, it isn't because she was born outside of Canada.

Conversely, the gushing of Young! Black! Female! does nothing to illustrate her suitability to be GG.

I agree with ET and Cranky or Just a Crank - she got the job to aid in Liberal vote buying in Montreal and she should be able to keep a straight face reading the Liberals' BS.

Posted by: Kathryn | 2005-08-04 1:21:53 PM

Boy, is my face red.

No one on the Shotgun has criticized Jean for being born outside Canada.

I'm reading too many blogs and posted my response to the wrong one.

My apologies.

Posted by: Kathryn | 2005-08-04 1:32:38 PM

So, how much constitutional law has the new GG studied? Where does she stand on the use of the reserve powers? Symbolism is all very nice, but where does she stand on the primary point of the job. Would she have fired PM the PM?

Posted by: The Observer | 2005-08-04 3:51:19 PM

Folks—that's three in a row for the CBC, not two.

Romeo Leblanc was a CBC correspondent before going to work for Pearson.

See here:


Posted by: Kevin Libin | 2005-08-04 6:25:35 PM

CBC Employee Don Cherry was not chosen.

Qu'elle surprise.

Posted by: Plato's Stepchild | 2005-08-04 8:03:06 PM

Why not put the new Vice-Regent to the test of asking her if she supports the monarchy and if she or her husband support Quebec sovereignty in any of its obscurant forms?

The loyalty of the Head of State to the basic conception of Canada as an indivisible constitutional monarchy is essential to her fitness for the role. Nothing less is demanded.

Posted by: Barry Stagg | 2005-08-04 9:02:15 PM

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