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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Not Knowing The Enemy

This CBC news item from today is a perfect example of why Canadians continue to be misinformed on the nature of Islamic terrorism. Whether it's incompetence or a deliberate attempt to place blame for the Madrid train bombings on the Bush administration, I'll leave to the reader to judge;

The deputy prime minister said there's no way of guaranteeing bombers won't strike here, given that Canada made it onto a list of al-Qaeda targets for sending troops to Afghanistan to support the U.S.-led mission against that country's former government after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks against the United States.

The other countries on the al-Qaeda list released in November 2002 were Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany and Australia.

Spain later became a target because it sent troops to Iraq when U.S. President George W. Bush's administration decided to invade and topple Saddam Hussein's government.

Suicide bombings later confirmed to be the work of al-Qaeda militants killed 191 train commuters in and around the Spanish capital of Madrid in March 2004.

Emphasis mine.

As I noted in this SDA post of nearly a year ago, the New Yorker had reported ;

"One of the most sobering pieces of information to come out of the investigation of the March 11th bombings is that the planning for the attacks may have begun nearly a year before 9/11. In October, 2000, several of the suspects met in Istanbul with Amer Azizi, who had taken the nom de guerre Othman Al Andalusi-Othman of Al Andalus. Azizi later gave the conspirators permission to act in the name of Al Qaeda, although it is unclear whether he authorized money or other assistance- or, indeed, whether Al Qaeda had much support to offer. In June, Italian police released a surveillance tape of one of the alleged planners of the train bombings, an Egyptian housepainter named Rabei Osman Sayed Ahmed, who said that the operation 'took me two and a half years.' Ahmed had served as an explosives expert in the Egyptian Army. It appears that some kind of attack would have happened even if Spain had not joined the Coalition- or if the invasion of Iraq had never occurred."

This was one of the major news stories to occur that year. Now, if a gawdamned nobody artist in Saskatchewan knows this, why doesn't the CBC?

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wretchard said...

Ironically, the terrorists are their own worst enemies and liberal's worst friends. Imagine trying to portray these nutcases as simple, misunderstood 'freedom fighters'. They are hardly simple. The London attack required preparation, motivation, organization and logistics. The attackers had to evade the British police informers, wiretaps, surveillance. And of course, as they themselves will make plain in their communique, they demand nothing less than conversion to their creed and submission to their word. The liberals will try to spin this, but there are limits to the powers of fiction.


Posted by: maz2 | 2005-07-07 4:36:13 PM

CBC states as fact that Spain was a target because they sent a few troops to help stabilize Iraq. I await its explanation of why Thai civilians are being murdered by the score -- it couldn't be due to Islamic fundamentalism. It must be something that these Buddhists did while shopping for vegetables. And then presumably Neil McDonald can pontificate about what Hindus in India did to bring about their shredded eardrums and smashed limbs and lost eyes. Ditto the Phillipinos.

And if a bomb goes off at CBC headquarters, perhaps he could somehow dominoe-in Zionist thoughts to the actions of the bombers. I'm sure he would. As long as he doesn't blame the actual murderers for their own actions, his job at the LPC network is secure.

Posted by: EBD | 2005-07-07 5:01:23 PM

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