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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Liberals continue to lead over conservatives...

Liberal support is up one percentage point from early June to 35 percent and the Conservatives are holding steady at 26%.

So, despite Same-Sex Marriage, the conservatives have not gained anything.  For the life of me, I cannot see how this issue is a vote winner for the Conservatives.  Surely, if it was, we would have seen it in the polls, no.

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Posted by: maz2 | 2005-07-17 2:47:02 PM

The Tories are trailing not because of their opposition to redefining marriage, but because they haven't presented a clear vision and a clear platform to Canadians.

Posted by: Michael Dabioch | 2005-07-17 2:48:53 PM

Fallacy of induction:

Post hoc, ergo propter hoc.

I continue to be underwhelmed by your powers of both induction and deduction.

Posted by: Plato's Stepchild | 2005-07-17 3:18:14 PM

Oh my goodness Fred shut up about gays already. Every post you make has something to do with gays. Just stop it already. We've had enough of your gay activism on here.

Posted by: Andrew | 2005-07-17 4:46:24 PM

The issue itself has been selected by the Conservatives themselves as an important one, Andrew.

Gayandright, the issue is not a vote-winner for the Conservatives in the short term, but in the long term, the manner in which C-38 was passed will be a harm to the Liberals.

As far as poll numbers, it would be interesting to see what the poll results would be in Ontario if you removed from consideration anyone who works for the government, who receives money from the government, or who has a family member who does.

Posted by: EBD | 2005-07-17 5:13:53 PM


Most Canadians seem to be in favour of SSM, this has nothing to do with whether one works for the government. The longer the CPC dwells on this the worse its fate with the electorate especially at this stage when its a foregone conclusion.

Posted by: Paul | 2005-07-17 6:14:10 PM

When I was mentioned poll results, vis-a-vis government workers, etc., I was referring to the poll showing the Liberal lead over the Conservatives, not to any SSM poll.

Posted by: EBD | 2005-07-17 7:07:42 PM

Some interesting reading if you havent already done so:

Posted by: MikeP | 2005-07-17 7:13:52 PM

Always looking for tid bits of striking events. the following is out of the popular Almanad, the Canadian globel and in part in describing the office of the Governor General this excerpt.
The Imperial Conference of 1926 and 1930 established that the Governor General was not the agen or representative of the British Government, and shoud act only on the advice of the Canadian Prime Miniter and the Cabinet. There for the Govenor General is obliged to respect the principal responsibile Government and to follow the wished of Canadas elected representatives. It goes on the first Canadian born GG was Vinent Massey 1952-59.

So all along the Prime Minister is the Governor General, but he doesn't seem very proud of it. Never wears any medals. So he is not only Dictator of Kanada, who appointes everbody, but is also the Governor General. ONLY IN KANADA YOU SAY???? PITY, AND NOT ONLY THAT BUT A GODDAM ISULT TO ME AND MY FELLOW CITIZENS, AND THE MEDIA, AS TO WHY WE ALLOW IT TO GO ON.

STEPHEN PARKSVILLE BC WW 2 VET. PS. You must get it that the enemy within have been planning their dastardly deeds since confederation they got a dictatorship fashioned out of the Constitutons with no Elected senate, automatically the PM becomes Dictator no whistlblower legislation, which helps them keep the Distatorship rolling and then in 1930 took over the Govenor Generals Office to make sure they got all of Kanada that they could get away with, and they did, they got away with it and are still getting away with it, thanks to US.

Posted by: stephenmichaud | 2005-07-17 8:01:09 PM

By the way her duties are symbolic and chiefly ceremohnial so I guess it really doesn't have any importance as to whether the GG is Canadian or and immigrant from Hong Kong, it's a good placde for the Prime Minster to give a five year all expense holiday, and everday it is like her birthday with all the goodies she eats and presents she gets. The Queen of Queens and Herr Martin gets to do all the heavy lifting. Gentlemanly of him to say the least,. I got this out of The Canadan Globel Almanac 1998 Edition, not much more than what I have quoted. The GG's office could be fixed, however with a unpopular GG it may be hard to get support to keep her around,and the MSM are going to kick the office around for ink when the whole office has been a sham since 1930. however as long as she is a usefull tool for the Herr Dictator, he will keep her around, bet on it or anoher of their Libano moles they got an Army of them waiting to get in.

Stephen Parksville BC ww 2 vet.

Posted by: stephenmichaud | 2005-07-17 8:19:37 PM

Gayandright said: "So, despite Same-Sex Marriage, the conservatives have not gained anything. For the life of me, I cannot see how this issue is a vote winner for the Conservatives. Surely, if it was, we would have seen it in the polls, no."

There are some things more important and more crucial than polls or winning elections. Standing up for what is right and good, for instance. A quality severely lacking in Canadians I've noticed.

Posted by: Spooky | 2005-07-17 8:29:08 PM

speaking of polls, everyday repeat every sinle day the MSN enablers of the Librano$ are publishing polls Liberal ahead, Liberals maintain their lead, bla bla bla how the hell can the polls show any othwa when they are not only "new" polling co's but very friedly to the librano, and I say shame to anyone that publishes the polls without declaring the questions and how the polls were taken, It always amazes me that how many times have I heard retired pollsters tell the truth about how the desired answers are derived, phoney and a scam but do we suck into it, no but the MSM medua sure as hell do, they"strike" a poll that is phoney, then they turn around and make their phoney commissoned poll THE HEADLINES. WE DON'T HAVE A VERY HUNGRY MEDIA IN KANADA DO WE LOL LOL The funny thing is they know they are not getting away with it however to please their masters(and assure them of next weeks pay cheque) they keep on blowing smoke, when it is only their old grandmothers that give them a gleeful look reading that nonsense.

Stephen Parkville BC ww 2 vet.

Posted by: stephenmichaud | 2005-07-17 9:06:16 PM

G&R: If SSM were a vote LOSER, surely we would have seen it in the polls, no?

What's more, the Conservatives now have the ear, if not the votes, of the Catholic, Chinese and Seik communities. Potential is there like never before. And in a year, when all the Toronto housewives have forgotten about gay marriage, the folks at the churches, mosques and temples will remember.

Posted by: Pete E | 2005-07-18 1:45:30 AM

I hate bashing polls, but I'm not sure how much stock should be put into this one. Allan Gregg was a big Red Tory, and is currently one of the signature members of the Paul Martin fan club. Let's not forget that he was one of the people who believed Adscam wasn't a big deal because it was so little money in comparison to what the government takes in total.

Now we learn that in the same poll 55% want the SSM legislation to stand (despite the fact that it isn't even law yet - these people can't even wait until then). 39% want it repealed. The CTV article reporting the results seems to go out of it's way to criticize Harper's stand as a result. you can read it here: http://tinyurl.com/dp787

The obvious question CTV didn't seem necessary to ask: if this is such a political winner for those who support it, why did the bend over backwards to pass it practically in the middle of a hot summer night when no one was watching?

I expect a lot more of this from the media leading up to the next election. They resent Harper for supporting their radical marriage. They'll do their best, as always, to tilt the playing field in their favour.

I think Harper has the integrity and strength to fight them on this one. May he win the good fight.

Posted by: The Cyber Menace | 2005-07-18 5:41:38 AM

Paul said: "Most Canadians seem to be in favour of SSM,"

When it was suggested that such a radical change to Canadian society be put to a referendum Prime Minister Paul Martin said " We will not subject the rights of a minority to the tyrrany of the MAJORITY."

Better get your facts straight Paul.

Posted by: Speller | 2005-07-18 7:48:26 AM

Canadians seem to be in favour of SSM? How about you wake up and check polls. Some 65% of Canadians polled were against same sex marriage. Also, the reason I laugh at polls is that they have no bearing in our type of politics. They Liberals could be leading in the polls if everybody in Toronto voted for them but they would lose an election if nobody else voted for them because this is not the American political system. So lead in your precious polls all you want. If the majority of Toronto is being polled go ahead.

Posted by: Andrew | 2005-07-18 7:30:50 PM

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